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FSU : where character doesn't matter.

Score: 187

Tell me again why the Georgia Dome isn't good enough for the Atlanta Falcons.

Score: 163

Payton Manning is a class act.

Score: 140

Only thing worse than watching the NBA is watching preseason NBA.

Score: 124

Crop dusters would have an easier time getting insurance than Matt Ryan, considering the perils he faces behind that woeful offensive line.

Score: 120

If I performed at work like the Falcons, I would be sleeping in on Monday mornings.

Score: 115

Thanks Arthur, the Falcons play has inspired me to do more yard work on Sundays.

Score: 110

How can the front offices of Atlanta professional teams be so incompetent yet so demanding?

Score: 105

Tell me what the Falcons or the Braves have ever done to deserve a taxpayer-subsidized stadium. I keep forgetting.

Score: 100

Jimbo Fisher is delusional.

Score: 100

Oh-don't we wish that we had Omar Infante at 2nd base, Gregor Blanco in the outfield and Tim Hudson pitching?

Score: 97

I's clear that this Falcons team is going nowhere and is just another bad Atlanta team we are so used to seeing over the years. Blank needs a new GM and Head coach to start over, and quickly.

Score: 96

Jimbo Fisher is starting to sound like Jimmy Johnson when the U of M was at its peak of problems.

Score: 95

Fine with me that Gurley sits. He needs to learn not to be stupid.

Score: 90

To think the Braves kept Uggla instead of Infante.

Score: 89

All the praise for the Dawgs offensive success should hinge on the Oline. Consistently excellent all year long.

Score: 87

Good luck tonight Tim Hudson.

Score: 79

Please show less Falcons and more cheerleaders.

Score: 78

Disappointed with what has been uncovered at North Carolina.

Score: 77

Who plucks down hard earned money to go to an NBA preseason game?

Score: 76

I know what the Falcons have in common with London Bridge.

Score: 76

I'm not giving up on my Jackets, but I shake my head at any defense that sees the opposing quarterback complete 14 passes in a row.

Score: 75

We've had "physicality", "explosiveness", and "toughness". I think the next buzzword sales pitch around Flowery Branch is going to be "unemployment".

Score: 71

So tough....Falcons completely irrelevant.

Score: 71

The Falcons players and coaches sure sounded tough in Hard Knocks with all their cussing and big talk, frauds all.

Score: 70

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