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Thank you, Derek Jeter, for never embarrassing the game of baseball. Good luck to you in retirement.

Score: 154

Primary reason Braves ended up where they did? Four Braves in the top 10 in strikeouts.

Score: 122

I have never considered myself a Yankees fan, but Jeter's walk off hit last night really gave me the chills. Congrats to such a class act.

Score: 115

Falcons defense must have wanted to give the Braves venter's a break.

Score: 103

How is Notre Dame Ranked # 8? They have played a bunch of nobodies (opponents record is 7-11) and their strength of schedule is 97 of 128. Smells like a fix!

Score: 98

Why does Fredi still have a job?

Score: 97

This baseball season can't get over fast enough for Braves fans.

Score: 95

More opposing teams are having playoff celebrations in Atlanta than the Braves!!!

Score: 92

Bobby picked the last guy. Why in the world would we let him pick the next one?

Score: 89

Derek Jeter, Brother you are a Class act and every kid needs a dude like you playing baseball to see it's done the right way.

Score: 86

Mercy has finally come. The Braves season is over.

Score: 85

In a word, the Falcons defense is terrible

Score: 82

Every time the Falcons face a first time QB, it looks like the other team uses the Falcons for their Homecoming game.

Score: 80

Pete Rose would know what to do with these Braves hitters. He'd bet against them!

Score: 80

Having a retired Bobby Cox comment on who should manage the Braves, reminds me of Vince Dooley choosing Ray Goff and Jim Donnan as head coaches for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Score: 77

Heck, even Cy Young wouldn't have won with this crappy offense.

Score: 77

Not a hit beyond the first inning, another nine strikeouts yet a one run win. Thank the pitching staff for this final win of the season. Mercifully, we can close the book on the Braves until next spring.

Score: 72

For those who have never coached before, at some point it has to come down to the player. Think about it.

Score: 70

Watching the upgraded Falcons defense reminded me of an old Ford Pinto car I bought to upgrade from my VW Beetle.

Score: 70

Jameis Winston, reality will never hit you till draft day and millions are deducted from your bank account.

Score: 70

Adios Gonzalez

Score: 68

The Braves were leading 4-0 at the end of the 6th inning. One inning later and three pitchers, they are down 5-4. Hopefully, the changes have just begun.

Score: 68

Checking out the stats.... no doubt about the last 6 weeks, but one can make a case that since June, the Braves have been the worse team in the NL.

Score: 68

Derek Jeter wants to own a baseball team. Liberty Media, are you listening?

Score: 59

Fredi still hasn't been fired? Why?

Score: 58

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