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Andrelton Simmons is really an amazing shortstop to watch. Ranks up there with some of the all time greats.

Score: 101

I really don't like Bobby Petrino - and I've never met the man.

Score: 91

Spurrier was outcoached, outplayed & outclassed.

Score: 87

Start of college football season only days away, can't wait!

Score: 82

After getting 4 hits Thursday, Bonifacio can play center field the rest of this year and next year.

Score: 81

South Carolina didn't lose last night ... it received a beatdown from a team that should get more credit than it does.

Score: 75

Tremendous pitching Alex. But where was the offense again? It is very proficient in strikeouts and hitting into double plays. Very little else. Hard to watch,

Score: 72

Forget it Braves fans. This bunch ain't going anywhere in Oct. except the couch.

Score: 70

When will Fredi realize that giving Kimbrel too much time off almost guarantees trouble for him. He needs more work than once in five days to stay sharp.

Score: 63

It's going to be a long NFL season if the penalty flags keep flying out like they have in preseason.

Score: 62

Another low scoring one-run loss for the Braves. This team is so frustrating and unwatchable.

Score: 61

Well, I guess Vanderbilt is back to being Vanderbilt.

Score: 59

It's time to pack it in for the Braves for this year. Their up and down play and inability to hit with runners on doesn't deserve playoff consideration.

Score: 58

It was great to see Steve Spurrier squirm on the sideline last night.

Score: 54

Gurley was in full on Beastmode.

Score: 50

Steve Spurrier now has a reason to throw his visor, head phone, and his tennis shoes.

Score: 49

So much Football, so many smiles. Welcome back!

Score: 49

Thursday night college football, gotta love it.

Score: 49

The Braves are like a dog who only knows one trick: roll over and play dead.

Score: 47

Not sure why the Braves fans are all bent out of shape now. The team has been playing like this all season, it was just smoke and mirrors earlier.

Score: 45

I love Georgia Tech, and I respect and admire Herschel Walker.

Score: 44

Five hits in the game for the Braves offense. Simmons and Julio were responsible for the win. When will the offense ever come alive again?

Score: 41

As long as you Braves fans keep supporting a mediocre team, Liberty Media will keep fielding a mediocre team.

Score: 41

Once again, this pitiful excuse for a team, with its pedestrian offense, can't even beat the Mets.

Score: 41

College football, please rescue me from the wretched Braves.

Score: 40

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