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They should throw more flags on the players who showboat when they make a play. You are doing your job what about all the other times you get beat like a dog.

Score: 112

Speed up play by not allowing batters to adjust their batting gloves between every pitch.

Score: 100

Looks like Gosselin and LeStella will platoon while B J and his .205 average will play everyday. You're really going after that playoff spot aren't you Fredi?

Score: 95

Wild Pitch and flubbed fly ball in left field cost Braves their winning streak. They manage to turn a great performance by Wood into a comedy of errors in nothing flat.

Score: 94

With a playoff spot at stake, Freddi rests Heyward and we can't score a single run. Cal Ripken played how many games in a row but it is too much to ask someone younger to play a few weeks without rest?

Score: 91

Start of college football season only days away, can't wait!

Score: 81

BJ hitting .208 and leading majors in CF errors. And Fredi says he's encouraged with the way he's hitting the ball?

Score: 79

I'm not a big Fredi Gonzalez fan but I can't make myself believe he's still playing B J without being ordered to.

Score: 76

Shultz is right about Pete Rose, It's time to parole him from his baseball death sentence. He is the greatest hitter of all time. Keeping him out of the hall of fame is a sham

Score: 74

I don't want a hear that BS about how the Braves still have a shot at the Division title.

Score: 71

Forget it Braves fans. This bunch ain't going anywhere in Oct. except the couch.

Score: 69

NEW NFL RULE! You can't go to commercial if the return man doesn't get to return the kick off.

Score: 67

Do you really think Pete Rose is the only player in any sport who has ever gambled on a game?

Score: 65

Pray for Jim Kelly & his family... he is now in remission! Praise God.

Score: 65

One major delay in MLB is the long commercial breaks between innings.

Score: 64

So ... will the Tech recruit that was just arrested end up at Auburn?

Score: 63

Johnny Clipboard!!

Score: 63

Not sure if Mike Minor has turned the corner, but he looked pretty good last night.

Score: 62

It's going to be a long NFL season if the penalty flags keep flying out like they have in preseason.

Score: 61

Auburn is like a 2nd chance for Dummies.

Score: 60

Minor--that was Major..

Score: 60

Pleas sign Heyward to long-term contract. His hitting is picking up and he saves so many runs with his defense. He also hustles on every play. Hope other braves are watching him

Score: 59

Another low scoring one-run loss for the Braves. This team is so frustrating and unwatchable.

Score: 58

Someone at Georgia Tech please explain to me how we cannot stay out of trouble with the NCAA and are not gaining much from the infractions anyway.

Score: 58

Nationals win, Braves lose. Braves now seven games behind. Looks like the Nats will run away with the NL East. Loss Wednesday was totally avoidable. Sloppy defense.

Score: 58

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