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If in 2012 the majority of the people in the stands for a Hawks game were black and the majority of the cheerleaders were black and they played a lot of hip hop music, why are those facts racists?

Score: 198

What if what Mr. Levenson said about the stats around the Hawks is true? Then why is that racist?

Score: 185

Like it or not, Bruce Levenson speaks the truth.

Score: 166

Let's hope Giancarlo Stanton is okay. He plays for the rival Marlins, but no one wants to see a great young player hurt like that.

Score: 120

Why isn't Ray Rice in jail?

Score: 116

We need the Nationals to put this mule out of its misery. Clean house, let the new GM make important choices on Gattis and Heyward, and move forward with this franchise. Braves Nation deserves better than this mediocre attempt at a championship.

Score: 104

The Braves are just hard to watch right now.

Score: 93

Terehan didn't pitch well, but when your offense can't score a run with runners on second and third with none out, does it really make much difference? Truly pathetic.

Score: 87

Don't get too overconfident UGA fans - this is the type of game that Spurrier lives for.

Score: 86

Thank you Falcons, finally showing some moxie. About gave me a heart attack but proud of you all as a team.

Score: 86

I remember when the Braves made good trades and signed good free agents. What happened?

Score: 85

Wow, the Big Ten pretty much imploded over the weekend, didn't they?

Score: 83

The Atlanta Spirit Group, every last one of them, has been a joke. Their mismanagement has already cost us a hockey team and tarnished our basketball team as well.

Score: 82

If you think new stadiums will help the Braves and Falcons win, just ask Jerry Jones

Score: 79

NEVER leave a minute and half on the clock against Matt Ryan. Some people never learn...

Score: 79

The pitchers have a case to sue the hitters for lack of perfomance.

Score: 77

Nice to see the Big 10 put in it's place early in the year. Now we can talk about playoff contenders with an actual chance.

Score: 76

Would someone kindly explain the concept of bunting runners into scoring position to Fredi. Other managers have been doing it successfully for over a hundred years.

Score: 75

Me thinks something is rotten in the state of the NFL.

Score: 64

At least I don't have to wonder whether the Braves will be bounced in the first round this season.

Score: 64

Another woeful offensive output by the Braves. An all too familiar scenario.

Score: 63

Wow! The Braves scored a run! A major offensive explosion!!

Score: 60

Hey, Matt Ryan - don't listen to the haters. You're a beast. We know you're a beast. Now go out and do what you do. I'm quite certain that Sean Payton respects you...

Score: 60

Don't be surprised if Georgia Southern beats Georgia Tech this weekend.

Score: 58

What in the wide wide world of sports happened out there in Falcon land? Was that our team and did we beat the Aints?

Score: 58

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