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I don't care what they say, a win in April is just as important as a win in September.

Score: 159

Way to go Bubba.

Score: 149

Kudos to Terehan for a brilliant performance Wednesday. Same for Santana the previous game before the bullpen blew his fine performance. Keep it up, guys.

Score: 121

The 20 yr old was good, but I am so happy for Bubba.

Score: 100

What is it with a certain few? The Braves have good announcers, I enjoy their knowledge and banter.

Score: 96

Kicking pine cones out of my yard: more exciting to me than MLS.

Score: 89

Pro Soccer Mr. Blank? Let's focus on getting the FALCONS to win first!

Score: 87

I'm so old I remember when college football players didn't wear ear rings.

Score: 75

Harang - a-tang a beast of a pitcher with a 0.96 era. Seen in Atlanta every 5 days!

Score: 72

Bubba. you made all us UGA folks proud. Thanks.

Score: 71

Hey Braves, let's just pretend every team we play is the Nats. We need to play that way against everybody, bottom-feeders included.

Score: 71

Maybe Chipper should be the Braves hitting coach you think?

Score: 67

I just heard an ESPN analyst say that Bobby Petrino is a winner. And people wonder why this country is screwed up.

Score: 67

Really???? Hank Aaron still getting hate letters. Really people??

Score: 65

I know it's not exactly earth-shattering news, but I'm glad the Peach Bowl is coming back. Honestly, how many people continued calling it the Peach Bowl anyway?

Score: 63

It has to just make the honchos at ESPN gag to know that a good ole boy from UGA is 2 for 3 at the Masters.

Score: 61

Congrats Bubba, second Masters win in three years. Way to go!

Score: 60

Celebrating at Waffle House; my kind of golf pro!

Score: 57

Monday- Uggla hits two home runs and drives in five. Tuesday- game canceled due to Apocalypse.

Score: 54

Way to come through in the clutch Uggla.

Score: 51

Can we name the pro soccer team the Thrashers so I can wear my hockey jersey again?

Score: 50

Uggla hasn't bailed out Fredi too many times, but he did tonight.

Score: 50

I have never watched the entire, final round of the Masters, but I did this year. This female enjoyed every minute.

Score: 49

Glad to see Uggla get untracked a little bit. Hope it continues and hope BJ also gets it going. The Braves can use both of them.

Score: 48

I'm guessing I couldn't afford the Masters' groundskeeper to work on my yard.

Score: 45

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