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The All Star Game should either be a popularity contest or it should count toward home-field advantage in the World Series. It should not be both.

Score: 101

I should be so lucky as to get $19 million severance if I get fired!

Score: 94

Spurrier says what he says to play the media ... and he's also playing you if you get upset with him.

Score: 85

The Uggla release was long overdue. Good luck, Dan.

Score: 84

Has the recruit that stole from the dorm committed to Auburn yet?

Score: 83

It isn't that Spurrier is jealous. He knows the media loves his quotes so that's why he provides them.

Score: 79

Who cares about Auburn and Nick Marshall? Get over it folks, nothing is going to happen to him.

Score: 75

No, Miickey had his problems but he actually was a pretty good guy. Tiger has his problems but he is not a nice guy. That's the difference

Score: 71

Egotistical idiots abound in the sports world.

Score: 70

Thanks for the good times Dan, but time gets us all

Score: 68

Spurrier hasn't won it all at South Carolina, but he did at Florida and has plenty of SEC titles in his back pocket. He's a whiner, but he's also a winner.

Score: 67

How could ANY team win with an automatic out leading off?

Score: 66

What a pleasure to have a real major league 2nd baseman.

Score: 65

You think Nick Marshall will be suspended and miss any games? I don't

Score: 63

A lot of people have forgotten that Missouri actually won in Athens en route to winning the SEC East last season.

Score: 63

Lowe, Uggla and B.J. are examples big time contracts don't alway pan out. Bringing players up from the farm teams does.

Score: 61

Being a good guy and teammate doesn't mean you are going to help a team win. Just like signing a $62 million contract doesn't mean you will ever be worth it.

Score: 59

Why is anyone surprised that ESPN is playing up the fact that Tiger had a decent round at The Open? ESPN loves Tiger, and if you don't, don't watch it. I won't.

Score: 59

The major league baseball All-Star Game is a joke, and therefore I didn't watch it.

Score: 56

Is the BJ lead-off experiment over yet? Let's hope so.

Score: 53

Pete Rose banned for gambling and McIlroy's dad wins a bet. What's your point? Maybe Pete should have let his dad bet instead of himself.

Score: 53

People are acting as if Uggla will tear up the league with SF. Is the ball bigger in SF?

Score: 51

Hopefully we won't have to read about Uggla in the vent any more.

Score: 51

This inconsistent offense will drive you to drink!

Score: 50

Stupid people making LeBron James richer and richer. Unbelievable!

Score: 49

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