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Congrats to Cox, Maddux and Glavine on the Hall of Fame.

Score: 135

What kind of idiot pays $800 for a pair of ugly sneakers?

Score: 120

NFL should be ashamed for only giving Ray Rice a two-game suspension.

Score: 116

Cox, Maddox, did Atlanta Braves' fans proud today!!!

Score: 111

I'm still having a hard time getting my mind around the concept of people who make the kind of money professional athletes do going on strike.

Score: 105

Hey Steve Avery, I haven't forgotten you.

Score: 103

LaStella doesn't have to smile, he has to hit. I don't care what he looks like as long as he hits. And he has.

Score: 91

Okay. Let's stop the negative Uggla posts. He's a Giant now. We've beat that horse dead already.

Score: 90

If Ray Rice had been a unknown player he'd have gotten at least a half the season ban.

Score: 89

Bobby Cox managed games like a chess master plays chess. Fourteen straight division titles? Are you kidding me? Bobby earned this HOF honor.

Score: 87

Season hasn't even started and I'm already tired of hearing about Manziel.

Score: 85

Johnny Football is very immature.

Score: 83

So UGA had to kick out another football player. That said, it's pretty good recruiting news if you happen to be Auburn.

Score: 80

Thank you Charlie Strong.. Show the rest of these lax coaches how it's done... Kick their sorry butts off the team... problem solved.

Score: 72

All the suspended football players go to Auburn. If you get suspended from Auburn, I guess it's over for you.

Score: 70

Bite me ESPN... I don't need your warped sense of moral values. You bore me.

Score: 67

Explain to everyone how Tiger Woods could be considered in the Big Three? He was a one-time, big-time golfer, but the key word is "was". Leave it alone and move on.

Score: 67

Dropping 3 of 4 to the Fish at home? This does not make the Braves' prospects look real good right now.

Score: 67

I would not want to be a big time college football coach. Having to deal with the decisions and whims of prima-donna 18 year olds when you are a grown man would drive me up the wall.

Score: 67

Why does ESPN think we need their opinion?

Score: 66

Nationals are beating teams they should beat. Braves aren't. There's the season.

Score: 66

When liberal thinking takes over sports, what do you get? ESPN.

Score: 65

Braves are 2-6 against the Mets and the Fish in the last 15 games. If you can't score runs and beat the second division teams you aren't going to stay with the Nationals. .

Score: 62

Glad to see Steve Avery get a mention. If he could've stayed healthy, he might have been the best in the bunch.

Score: 61

Santana can do one thing better than the rest of the Braves....BUNT!

Score: 61

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