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After 16 years, Tim Hudson is in the World Series. Yay!

Score: 193

FSU : where character doesn't matter.

Score: 184

Jameis plays while Gurley sits. That's messed up.

Score: 168

Don't you just love how Kansas City plays small ball and bunts, and plays hit and run... wow!

Score: 159

Congrats to the ex-Braves who are headed to the World Series.

Score: 132

It is now over 2000 items with Winstons signature and Jimbo Fisher is still defending this nutcase.

Score: 131

Kobe you're right! Players and owners are overpaid and all should be on year to year contract based on performance .

Score: 121

Crop dusters would have an easier time getting insurance than Matt Ryan, considering the perils he faces behind that woeful offensive line.

Score: 119

If I performed at work like the Falcons, I would be sleeping in on Monday mornings.

Score: 114

How can the front offices of Atlanta professional teams be so incompetent yet so demanding?

Score: 104

Unfortunately for the NFL, character issues plague the whole league.

Score: 99

Congratulations Ned Yost, Omar Infante and the Royals!

Score: 97

I's clear that this Falcons team is going nowhere and is just another bad Atlanta team we are so used to seeing over the years. Blank needs a new GM and Head coach to start over, and quickly.

Score: 95

FSU will suspend Winston when the time is right. (After the Notre Dame game.)

Score: 95

How do you spell character-Mark Richt-How do you spell absolutely 0 character-Jimbo Fisher

Score: 95

Jimbo Fisher is starting to sound like Jimmy Johnson when the U of M was at its peak of problems.

Score: 94

Thank you Mr. Walter Victor for your service to this country and thank you for helping us enjoy Braves' country with all of your photos. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Score: 92

Fine with me that Gurley sits. He needs to learn not to be stupid.

Score: 90

It isn't "character issues" that plague the NFL. It's criminal issues.

Score: 88

All the praise for the Dawgs offensive success should hinge on the Oline. Consistently excellent all year long.

Score: 85

How in the heck did we trade a kid like Adam Wainwright? And for goodness sakes get someone like BJ Upton. That is when he Braves troubles started.

Score: 85

Tim Hudson and Tim Tebow. Too bad more athletes aren't role models like them.

Score: 84

Tell me again why the Georgia Dome isn't good enough for the Atlanta Falcons.

Score: 83

In my late 20s, I realized I should have listened more to my parents, teachers and coaches. I suspect Jameis will someday wish he had listened to Bo.

Score: 79

This old Ole Miss Law School grad and Miss. State accounting grad is very proud of both of my football teams. It was a long time coming.

Score: 79

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