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Sounds like I'm not the only one who is tired of end zone dances and other craziness. Nothing but ego....that's the NFL!

Score: 310

The Redskins have been around since the sixties. Why all of a sudden is their name offending someone?

Score: 290

Tim Tebow publicly declares his love for God and he is ridiculed. Michael Sam publicly declares his love for other men and he is called a hero? This is one example of why our country is screwed up.

Score: 240

So the NFL and the Falcons want to do all they can to get fans off the couch and to the the game and think a new stadium will do it because its "fan friendly" . The real reason you're losing fans is the cost. You've priced the average family man out of the game. Stop gouging.

Score: 220

Josh Harvey Clemons you are one selfish little boy. Time to grow up.

Score: 216

I still think we should send Rodman to North Korea with a sticker that says "Do not return to sender."

Score: 216

Here`s a wild idea....let`s treat homosexuals like they say they want to be treated, with no special attention. No more stories on Sam's decision about anything.

Score: 215

I don't hate Ohio State. I hate Urban Meyer. I also hate that Ohio State only played 1 Top 25 team (21st) and was able to coast to a Championship game. The Big Ten is horrible lately.

Score: 214

You see, Fredi, it works better when you put the productive players on the field and the unproductive ones on the bench.

Score: 207

I am so sick and tired of gay stuff. Why is it constantly being shoved down our throats in the sports world? Can't we enjoy anything anymore?

Score: 201

Just think, when attending Braves games in the 90s, we were watching 3 and probably 4 future Hall of Famers. Not many teams experience this.

Score: 199

I'm not a Braves fan, but I love seeing ESPN with egg on their face for losing the fan vote to Freeman.

Score: 197

SportsCenter these days makes me want to puke. First they analyze every single play made by the Heat, followed by a LeBron press conference, followed by Stephen A. Smith analyzing what LeBron just said.

Score: 196

Why don't basketball referees ever call palming or walking any more?

Score: 193

Glad to see Clemson put it to that loud-mouth Urban Meyer.

Score: 193

Back before College Football players were allowed to showboat after every touchdown, a coach once said, "act like you've seen the end zone before". We need to go back to that philosphy.

Score: 193

Hope ARod will BGone.

Score: 191

So Kasim Reed gambled the Braves wouldn't move and they called his bluff... I guess Atlanta should have taken the Braves more serious...

Score: 189

NFL players show support for Hernandez yet want the women jurors in Florida to kill themselves. Good role models!

Score: 188

How 'bout them Ga. Southern Eagles?

Score: 187

If Johnny Football is only 20 why are do so many incidents involve alcohol and bars?

Score: 185

When will the NBA playoffs end?

Score: 185

The Braves and Falcons leaving perfectly good stadiums to build new ones is solid proof we pay way too much for game tickets.

Score: 182

Baseball salaries are making me gag. What's wrong with making $5 million a year? If that was the cap we could actually attend games with decent $15 seats and $2 hot dogs.

Score: 179

College football players DO get paid. They just don't value the education they're getting.

Score: 178

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