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Pete Rose would know what to do with these Braves hitters. He'd bet against them!

Score: 394

When you're name is Bubba, you don't belong on a golf course. But if you're going to win a major tournament, it should be in the South.

Score: 350

If in 2012 the majority of the people in the stands for a Hawks game were black and the majority of the cheerleaders were black and they played a lot of hip hop music, why are those facts racists?

Score: 198

Jameis Winston doesn't appear to be the smartest individual in the world.

Score: 196

After 16 years, Tim Hudson is in the World Series. Yay!

Score: 193

Why don't basketball referees ever call palming or walking any more?

Score: 193

FSU : where character doesn't matter.

Score: 192

Why did ESPN have a live camera shot of a player drafted in the 7th Round??? Only because he was gay.

Score: 190

I'm sorry, but I guarantee if I were as wealthy as Donald Sterling, I could do much, much better than V. Stiviano.

Score: 186

What if what Mr. Levenson said about the stats around the Hawks is true? Then why is that racist?

Score: 185

Looking forward to NBA players going on strike because they don't support protected speech spoken in private.

Score: 184

Jameis Winston is an embarrassment to FSU and to college football.

Score: 180

College football players DO get paid. They just don't value the education they're getting.

Score: 178

College athletes in a union.The end of college football as we know it.

Score: 178

You want a union? Fine. Now start paying taxes on that free education benefit you are getting.

Score: 177

Richt, do the right thing and kick the four idiots OFF the team!

Score: 177

If the basis for the Heisman Trophy was character Winston wouldn't even qualify.

Score: 176

How dumb can you be Jameis Winston?

Score: 174

I will never have sympathy for college athletes not being paid as long as they continue to have all that jewelry in their ears and tattoos covering them.

Score: 172

Jameis plays while Gurley sits. That's messed up.

Score: 168

Tell me again why the Georgia Dome isn't good enough for the Atlanta Falcons.

Score: 167

Like it or not, Bruce Levenson speaks the truth.

Score: 166

Walking out of a grocery store at 10 PM with $30 of crab legs is NOT a mistake - it's stealing!

Score: 165

If Sam is a bust, would it be wrong to say he sucks?

Score: 164

Stop blaming UGA and the NCAA. This mess is all Gurley's fault.

Score: 159

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