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When you're name is Bubba, you don't belong on a golf course. But if you're going to win a major tournament, it should be in the South.

Score: 346

Sounds like I'm not the only one who is tired of end zone dances and other craziness. Nothing but ego....that's the NFL!

Score: 310

The Redskins have been around since the sixties. Why all of a sudden is their name offending someone?

Score: 290

Pete Rose would know what to do with these Braves hitters. He'd bet against them!

Score: 251

Tim Tebow publicly declares his love for God and he is ridiculed. Michael Sam publicly declares his love for other men and he is called a hero? This is one example of why our country is screwed up.

Score: 240

Josh Harvey Clemons you are one selfish little boy. Time to grow up.

Score: 216

I still think we should send Rodman to North Korea with a sticker that says "Do not return to sender."

Score: 216

Here`s a wild idea....let`s treat homosexuals like they say they want to be treated, with no special attention. No more stories on Sam's decision about anything.

Score: 215

If the NFL likes these throwback games so much why not throw the ticket prices back,the soda and beer prices back and do away with all the artificial stadium noise to the era of the jersey the teams wear on those days?

Score: 205

I am so sick and tired of gay stuff. Why is it constantly being shoved down our throats in the sports world? Can't we enjoy anything anymore?

Score: 201

Just think, when attending Braves games in the 90s, we were watching 3 and probably 4 future Hall of Famers. Not many teams experience this.

Score: 199

If in 2012 the majority of the people in the stands for a Hawks game were black and the majority of the cheerleaders were black and they played a lot of hip hop music, why are those facts racists?

Score: 198

Jameis Winston doesn't appear to be the smartest individual in the world.

Score: 196

After 16 years, Tim Hudson is in the World Series. Yay!

Score: 193

Why don't basketball referees ever call palming or walking any more?

Score: 193

Glad to see Clemson put it to that loud-mouth Urban Meyer.

Score: 193

FSU : where character doesn't matter.

Score: 192

Why did ESPN have a live camera shot of a player drafted in the 7th Round??? Only because he was gay.

Score: 190

So Kasim Reed gambled the Braves wouldn't move and they called his bluff... I guess Atlanta should have taken the Braves more serious...

Score: 189

I'm sorry, but I guarantee if I were as wealthy as Donald Sterling, I could do much, much better than V. Stiviano.

Score: 186

What if what Mr. Levenson said about the stats around the Hawks is true? Then why is that racist?

Score: 185

Looking forward to NBA players going on strike because they don't support protected speech spoken in private.

Score: 184

Jameis Winston is an embarrassment to FSU and to college football.

Score: 180

College football players DO get paid. They just don't value the education they're getting.

Score: 178

College athletes in a union.The end of college football as we know it.

Score: 178

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