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Braves 0-6 on road trip and B J is 3-26 with 12 Ks. Why is this guy still leading off, or better still, why is he still playing?

Score: 147

Did anyone other than Fredi think that BJ would get a hit?

Score: 138

Congrats to Cox, Maddux and Glavine on the Hall of Fame.

Score: 135

Claude Humphrey was a fierce pass rusher and deserves to be in the Hall. But so does number 60--Tommy Nobis!

Score: 133

Dear Joe Simpson: Quit making excuses and alibi for terrible play by the Braves.Right now they suck.

Score: 128

Want to know how good Pete,Skip, and Ernie were back in the day? They kept the SuperStation afloat with viewers when the Braves were like they are now but had never won anything in the South.

Score: 123

The biggest single factor harming the Atlanta Braves has been Frank Wren's decisions concerning free agents.

Score: 121

A house fly in a room filled with Atlanta Brave players armed with fly swatters has nothing to worry about.

Score: 120

What kind of idiot pays $800 for a pair of ugly sneakers?

Score: 120

I believe the Tiger era is officially over, and the PGA and the media better accept it.

Score: 117

Joe Simpson's constant litany of excuses for B.J.'s performance is bordering on the ridiculous. Just try telling it like it is for a change.

Score: 116

NFL should be ashamed for only giving Ray Rice a two-game suspension.

Score: 116

So long Pete. R.I.P.

Score: 114

Cox, Maddox, did Atlanta Braves' fans proud today!!!

Score: 114

Summer has not sounded the same since the loss of Ernie,Skip, and Pete.. RIP guys

Score: 113

New race car rule. Get out of your car on the track to retaliate and you are fined $100K and parked for 30 days!

Score: 111

How can you not score a run with the bases loaded and nobody out? Ask the Braves.

Score: 109

I'm still having a hard time getting my mind around the concept of people who make the kind of money professional athletes do going on strike.

Score: 105

Congratulations, Claude Humphrey. Way, way past your due!

Score: 103

Funny how the double standard is still alive and well among sports talking heads. Stephen A. Smith gets a week off; Jimmy "the Greek" Snyder got fired and never worked in the industry again.

Score: 103

Hey Steve Avery, I haven't forgotten you.

Score: 103

ESPN should suspend itself for a week.

Score: 100

Ah Fredi, don't worry that you made B J mad. He needed the rest. It's hard work carrying a bat back to the dugout.

Score: 99

Great article in AJC about Braves strikeout woes. There's no excuse for it and it is killing this team. Time to sit these whiffers and let folks who can at least put the ball in play have a shot. Ridiculous.

Score: 99

Bite me ESPN... I don't need your warped sense of moral values. You bore me.

Score: 94

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