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After 16 years, Tim Hudson is in the World Series. Yay!

Score: 193

FSU : where character doesn't matter.

Score: 189

Jameis plays while Gurley sits. That's messed up.

Score: 168

Tell me again why the Georgia Dome isn't good enough for the Atlanta Falcons.

Score: 166

Don't you just love how Kansas City plays small ball and bunts, and plays hit and run... wow!

Score: 159

Payton Manning is a class act.

Score: 141

If Sherman doesn't want his hair pulled - cut it... and quit whining.

Score: 138

Congrats to the ex-Braves who are headed to the World Series.

Score: 132

Jameis also claimed he didn't steal the crab legs.

Score: 132

It is now over 2000 items with Winstons signature and Jimbo Fisher is still defending this nutcase.

Score: 131

Primary reason Braves ended up where they did? Four Braves in the top 10 in strikeouts.

Score: 128

Only thing worse than watching the NBA is watching preseason NBA.

Score: 126

Whether you like the rules or not, they are the rules and everyone knows them. No one is above them.

Score: 126

Best sign at the Mizzou game? "I used to be a Gurley girl, but now I'm a Chubby girl."

Score: 123

Kobe you're right! Players and owners are overpaid and all should be on year to year contract based on performance .

Score: 121

Crop dusters would have an easier time getting insurance than Matt Ryan, considering the perils he faces behind that woeful offensive line.

Score: 120

If student athletes want to be paid, so be it, but then they should pay for their own education.

Score: 116

If I performed at work like the Falcons, I would be sleeping in on Monday mornings.

Score: 115

Tim Hudson sure made the right move in going to San Fran at the end of last year. He's in the thick of the playoffs rather than cooling his heels in Atlanta right now.

Score: 114

Coaching aside, Falcons simply don't have the playmakers on defense to compete.

Score: 113

Thanks Arthur, the Falcons play has inspired me to do more yard work on Sundays.

Score: 112

This is going to be another painful season Falcon fans.

Score: 112

How can the front offices of Atlanta professional teams be so incompetent yet so demanding?

Score: 105

Greg Walker was the least of the Braves' troubles. Several players need to look at themselves in the mirror!

Score: 105

Tell me what the Falcons or the Braves have ever done to deserve a taxpayer-subsidized stadium. I keep forgetting.

Score: 102

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