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If in 2012 the majority of the people in the stands for a Hawks game were black and the majority of the cheerleaders were black and they played a lot of hip hop music, why are those facts racists?

Score: 198

What if what Mr. Levenson said about the stats around the Hawks is true? Then why is that racist?

Score: 185

Jameis Winston is an embarrassment to FSU and to college football.

Score: 180

Like it or not, Bruce Levenson speaks the truth.

Score: 166

If two, three, or even four of the BEST four teams in the nation happen to come from the same conference, then all should be in the four team playoff. Saying that two teams from the same conference shouldn't be included is foolishness.

Score: 131

Let's hope Giancarlo Stanton is okay. He plays for the rival Marlins, but no one wants to see a great young player hurt like that.

Score: 122

Is Jameis Winston really that stupid?

Score: 121

A "National Championship" should pit the 4 best teams....PERIOD. It doesn't matter what conference they come from. This isn't some liberal idea of "we have to include everyone from all over". You find the 4 best teams in the NCAA and let 'em duke it out on the field.

Score: 119

Why isn't Ray Rice in jail?

Score: 116

Joe Simpson's constant litany of excuses for B.J.'s performance is bordering on the ridiculous. Just try telling it like it is for a change.

Score: 116

They should throw more flags on the players who showboat when they make a play. You are doing your job what about all the other times you get beat like a dog.

Score: 114

Braves playoff tickets on sale. This is a joke, right?

Score: 113

The Braves starters have quit. Why not play out the schedule with AAA and AA players that have a reason to want to play hard?

Score: 111

We need the Nationals to put this mule out of its misery. Clean house, let the new GM make important choices on Gattis and Heyward, and move forward with this franchise. Braves Nation deserves better than this mediocre attempt at a championship.

Score: 104

Andrelton Simmons is really an amazing shortstop to watch. Ranks up there with some of the all time greats.

Score: 101

Speed up play by not allowing batters to adjust their batting gloves between every pitch.

Score: 100

The top teams in the nation should be in the NCAA playoffs, regardless of the conference. Remember Notre Dame in the NC? They were pathetic.

Score: 99

They've quit on you, Fredi. And I can see why.

Score: 97

It sucks to be a Brave, Dawg or Falcon fan right now.

Score: 96

Looks like Gosselin and LeStella will platoon while B J and his .205 average will play everyday. You're really going after that playoff spot aren't you Fredi?

Score: 95

Wild Pitch and flubbed fly ball in left field cost Braves their winning streak. They manage to turn a great performance by Wood into a comedy of errors in nothing flat.

Score: 94

The Braves are just hard to watch right now.

Score: 93

The Braves have given up and are just going through the motions. It is disgusting to watch a team cash it in before the season ends. Time to clean house, top to bottom.

Score: 92

Ever wonder why Atlanta franchises only NEED and never PRODUCE? We need a new stadium. We need the fans to get rowdy, we need...we need..we need...Yeah? Well, we need a championship, so...

Score: 92

What is it about Spurrier that makes Richt panic? 4 of the last 5 and we can't whip a bird?

Score: 91

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