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If the NFL likes these throwback games so much why not throw the ticket prices back,the soda and beer prices back and do away with all the artificial stadium noise to the era of the jersey the teams wear on those days?

Score: 229

Jason Heyward hustles on every play of every game and has earned every defensive award he has received.

Score: 161

Stop blaming UGA and the NCAA. This mess is all Gurley's fault.

Score: 156

Best wishes to Marcus Lattimore, now retired from football way too early, due to injury complications. You have bigger and better things ahead of you in your life after football player!

Score: 145

Congrats to Tim Hudson on getting a World Series ring. Wish the Royals had won, but Huddy deserved a title.

Score: 133

This UGA fan wants to wish Marcus Lattimore best of luck in the future Great player and class act

Score: 129

Gurley was wrong, selfish act by an individual playing a team sport.

Score: 118

If student athletes want to be paid, so be it, but then they should pay for their own education.

Score: 118

Why UGA lost to FL- UGA was out coached; FL has a better QB and FL wanted to win more than UGA.

Score: 111

Top 5 and top 10 recruiting classes for several years at UGA. You would think that there was a championship team somewhere in all of that talent.

Score: 110

You can always bet on a Richt coached team to have an unexplainable loss (or two) along the way.

Score: 107

I would rather have my team sign coachable 2 or 3 star players rather 4 or 5 star players who think the world revolves around them.

Score: 100

Auburn gets my vote for the luckiest team of the decade.

Score: 99

Shame on Braves management; 3 former Braves players starting game 7 of The World Series.

Score: 97

Hey Fredi, if you watched Game 7, THAT is how a competent, aggressive manager does it.

Score: 96

Is anyone else appalled that the ACC commissioner was the UNC athletic director for 8 years while the made up classwork went on? And no statement, hearing, explanation or even an apology.

Score: 93

Now that was a series worth watching !!!

Score: 92

I am to the point that I don't care if I watch the Falcons for the rest of the season.

Score: 89

Allow me to beat the rush when the season starts and say "Fire Freddi Gonzalez now"

Score: 79

One thing good about the Giants winning, now Hudson can officially retired with a WS ring on his finger. Way to go!

Score: 77

FSU appears to be so corrupt that Bobby Petrino will actually look like the good guy when FSU plays Louisville Thursday.

Score: 74

I wish well for Tim Hudson - a real first-rate guy - but I'm sick of the Giants. C'mon Royals!

Score: 73

Florida just ran for another first down.

Score: 70

Hey Coach Pruitt, that thing you promised after the SC game would never happen again just did and it was worse! Prey tell what did you do for the past two weeks?

Score: 68

Now that's the Todd Grantham-led defense I'm used to seeing.

Score: 68

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