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I'm a big Braves fan, but didn't vote for Justin Upton because he very simply has not played at an All-Star level so far this season.

Score: 158

Happy Birthday Mr. Walter Banks, longtime usher for the Atlanta Braves. 75 years young!

Score: 149

Congrats to Cox, Maddux and Glavine on the Hall of Fame.

Score: 135

Smoltz might not have the best delivery in the booth, but he has credibility because of his success on the field. And for that reason I'll listen to him.

Score: 125

What kind of idiot pays $800 for a pair of ugly sneakers?

Score: 120

NFL should be ashamed for only giving Ray Rice a two-game suspension.

Score: 116

Cox, Maddox, did Atlanta Braves' fans proud today!!!

Score: 111

BJ Upton arguing strikes. Priceless.

Score: 104

Hey Steve Avery, I haven't forgotten you.

Score: 102

The All Star Game should either be a popularity contest or it should count toward home-field advantage in the World Series. It should not be both.

Score: 101

Sweeping the Evil Mets is SWEET! Go Bravos.

Score: 101

Evan Gattis, get well soon.

Score: 101

I should be so lucky as to get $19 million severance if I get fired!

Score: 95

Now to be an All-Star you beg for telephone voting. Not like the old days of earning the spot. What are we now American Braves Idol voters.

Score: 92

Evan Gattis is TRULY MISSED in the Braves' lineup.

Score: 92

Sorry buddy, but a 10-line Vent is just way too much. Especially when it's about the Hawks.

Score: 92

LaStella doesn't have to smile, he has to hit. I don't care what he looks like as long as he hits. And he has.

Score: 91

I'm still having a hard time getting my mind around the concept of people who make the kind of money professional athletes do going on strike.

Score: 89

If Ray Rice had been a unknown player he'd have gotten at least a half the season ban.

Score: 88

The HR derby is a joke!

Score: 87

I tired of the name LeBron just as I was here in Atl. with the name Vick.

Score: 87

I love college football, but my life doesn't revolve around, or depend on it.

Score: 87

We need wood bats at all levels of baseball.

Score: 86

Spurrier says what he says to play the media ... and he's also playing you if you get upset with him.

Score: 85

The Uggla release was long overdue. Good luck, Dan.

Score: 84

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