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Why don't basketball referees ever call palming or walking any more?

Score: 193

College football players DO get paid. They just don't value the education they're getting.

Score: 178

College athletes in a union.The end of college football as we know it.

Score: 178

You want a union? Fine. Now start paying taxes on that free education benefit you are getting.

Score: 177

Richt, do the right thing and kick the four idiots OFF the team!

Score: 177

I will never have sympathy for college athletes not being paid as long as they continue to have all that jewelry in their ears and tattoos covering them.

Score: 172

Don't believe the absurd hype about attendance at the Masters taking a hit without Tiger. Toughest ticket in sports and the course will be packed as usual.

Score: 172

I don't care what they say, a win in April is just as important as a win in September.

Score: 159

College athletes want to be treated like employees? Fine. That means they can get docked pay or even fired when they under-perform.

Score: 152

Way to go Bubba.

Score: 149

When did stealing money become a misdemeanor?

Score: 135

Sports aren't as much fun anymore. Everything is about money.

Score: 133

Congrats to Hank Aaron on the upcoming 40th anniversary of his historic home run. Still the true HR king in my book.

Score: 128

To the football players who want to be paid to play, you are being paid. Free education, free room and board. No school debt. Everyone else at your school would love that deal.

Score: 127

Those Northwestern football players may soon learn that top student athletes are treated far better than average university employees.

Score: 126

Reading all these headlines about the Braves burning an American flag, you'd think that the team's players and front office took a giant flag on the field and set it on fire while bad-mouthing the President and spitting in the face of veterans. It was an accident, people.

Score: 124

Kudos to Terehan for a brilliant performance Wednesday. Same for Santana the previous game before the bullpen blew his fine performance. Keep it up, guys.

Score: 122

College football players are still the same as 30 to 40 years ago.....spoiled rotten and arrogant. Why not end athletic scholarships all together and see who wants to play for the fun of it???

Score: 122

See kids, free throws ARE important!

Score: 120

Be careful what you wish for, union-backing college athletes. Take money from the boss' wallet and his expectations of you will start getting much, much tougher.

Score: 117

I say let the Ivy League rules apply. NO SCHOLARSHIPS!

Score: 108

Hey BJ! The "fans you don't play for" pay your salary.

Score: 107

Better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than to open your twitter account and remove all doubt, RODDY.

Score: 105

Kicking pine cones out of my yard: more exciting to me than MLS.

Score: 103

I don't care if Colleges pay their players or not. But let's not pretend there is anything pure in NCAA athletics.

Score: 103

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