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In the reality that most of us don't recognize: if you have food, clothing and shelter every are one of the most blessed people in the world.

Score: 113

School scores aren't going to improve until kids put down the elctronic junk and start reading and preparing for college. Good luck with that one.

Score: 100

My mom fixed 3 meals a day, and we always had two choices: take it or leave it.

Score: 87

Trying to convince me to believe is not the problem. Threatening to kill me if I don't is a HUGE problem.

Score: 87

My Dad drove the same Studebaker Lark from 1961 until 1985. He could have afforded to replace it, but as long as the maintenance was less than payments on a newer car, why?

Score: 85

Happiness is coming home from school and finding my Mom making Christmas cookies. My sisters and I get the job of decorating the cookies. We still love to do it and we are in high school. Merry Christmas everyone.

Score: 78

Hackers force a billion dollar company to fold their hand. Who will be their next target? We must stand up to these cyber bullies.

Score: 71

If you can still bake Christmas cookies with your Mom, be extremely grateful.

Score: 70

Depression may happen because of significant events. Your spouse dies, you have a leg amputated, your child has to go into rehab. If you're depressed because some team lost a game, you are overdue for a serious priority realignment!

Score: 70

Our Mother is so depressed this Christmas since Dad passed away. I think that our new baby due on the 23rd will really help. I have her in charge of all the Christmas this year. She is baking up a storm. She is helping me with the last big cleaning before Christmas and is such a great help. I think she missed being needed. Well we really need her. Thanks Mom.

Score: 69

While we were at Church today our oldest daughter and her family came and decorated our home for Christmas. It looks so nice and means so much to us. We have been very sick and just wasn't able to. They even promised to take it down on New Years Day. We sure are blessed to have such a great daughter and her family. Thank you Jesus.

Score: 68

I want to thank our neighbor for having a live nativity scene in their yard and barn this year. The cars are lined up almost a mile to see it on the weekends. All of the neighbors have enjoyed helping out. This is what the Christmas Season is all about.

Score: 67

Why can't people be happy with their own beliefs without trying to convince everyone else that they need to believe that way as well?

Score: 63

A lot of people are beginning to realize just how blessed they really are to have a job, a roof over their head, and food. At least these hard times are making us more grateful.

Score: 62

You had good parents to do all of that work day in and day out. Makes many of today's parents seem like light-weights.

Score: 58

I have quit jobs to take other jobs and I am not financially successful. Changing jobs is not always about the money....

Score: 55

Very thankful! I do not have everything I want I have what I need, a good job, a roof over my head and food for me and my dog!

Score: 52

The Jews have a holiday that we should all participate in called Yom Kippur, the day of Atonement. Atone for the mean or cruel treatment you did to someone this past year.

Score: 48

Back in the 1930s my brother and I walked 3 miles to school. He for 5 years and me for 3. Then the county put in school busses. Now, 75 years later I still love those big yellow busses. I hope kids appreciate them.

Score: 47

You don't need to go to a 3rd world country for a radical attitude adjustment and to see how good you have it. Simply volunteer at a local shelter.

Score: 46

My parents worked at the cotton mill in Canton also. In fact we lived in the cotton mill village. They worked them almost to death. My parents both worked there 32 years. They retired with a very small pension and they let them buy the house they had rented for 30 years for $1,000. They were happy though and very loyal to the company.

Score: 46

One of the most endearing things I've seen while at the mall; an elderly couple sharing a walker. In the same day, the stupidest thing I've ever seen; 2 twenty-something males at a gas station pumping gas while smoking.

Score: 45

I say Merry Christmas freely and sing carols while waiting in line. It's contagious. Why not spread the good feelings around to stressed, frustrated people?

Score: 44

The 4 seasons still exist. Turn the TV off, go will still recognize it.

Score: 42

Cherish the time with your Mom making cookies. Those are the best memories you will have of her when she is older.

Score: 41

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