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This year we are going to get things my parents really need. You opened my eyes to how selfish we have been. Money will be coming to them every month from all of their children. Thank you Unvent Family you made us open our eyes and our hearts.

Score: 86

I'd be willing to bet that at least 95% of grown children would rather spend holiday time with family rather than have some new (useless) gift.

Score: 84

My Mother passed away 2 weeks ago. She was such a great Lady. We were so lucky to have had her. When we were going through her things today we found she had kept every picture , letter , card from each of the children and grandchildren ,neatly stacked and in order. She loved us as much as we loved her.

Score: 83

I want to thank our grown children for understanding that we just can't afford to buy every one a Christmas present with our SS checks. What we can do is fix a really great dinner with everyone's favorites on Christmas Day.

Score: 82

I am so excited. I just heard from my son that has been in Iraq for the past 6 months. He's coming home for Christmas. Thank you Jesus.

Score: 78

My Dad gave my Mom a house on her thirty-third birthday, and paid off the mortgage off on schedule, kept the taxes, insurance and utilities current for the rest of his life, and left her a pension that kept her secure there for the rest of her life. That was the gift that kept on giving.

Score: 76

If you cannot afford a gift for someone, that's okay. Just tell them that you'd like to change the tradition. Exchange cards. Have a potluck. Do not spend more than you have.

Score: 73

I got an unexpected refund in the mail. When I went to cash the check my wife wanted to know what we were going to do with the "free cash". We went to our Save-A-Lot store and paid for 2 families groceries. The happiness we saw in their faces was so worth it.

Score: 72

You were so lucky to have had a great mother like her. My mother had a midlife crisis and left all 4 of us with our grandmother to raise while she had some "fun". When she came back 7 years later it was just too late. I praise God for having such an amazing grandmother.

Score: 58

I sang in our Church choir this morning for the first time. I was really scared but I felt the Good Lord just pushing me. I started singing like I have never sang before. I didn't even know I could. I know it had to be the Good Lord doing the singing. I was as amazed as the other people in the church. Thank you Jesus. It felt so good.

Score: 58

You sound like wonderful parents to prepare a Christmas meal for your children. They are very fortunate to have you.

Score: 57

I plan on fixing our Volunteer Firemen and women and the EMTs a special meal the 2nd weekend of December, for an early Christmas Dinner. They work so hard with very little thanks. We are so proud of you.

Score: 55

I've had a rough year with the loss of my mother, major home repairs, and three months out on disability for my own medical issues. I am thankful to my family, friends and coworkers for their support through these times.

Score: 54

It's not about shopping when I want. It's about being pummeled to death by the commercialism that Christmas has become. It's almost as bad as the past political season.

Score: 54

I think those grown children that had been letting their parents buy them gifts all those years while they were on SS should be ashamed of themselves. The children were still sponging off their parents. They had to have known that the parents didn't have any money when all they had was SS. SHAME ON ALL THE MOOCHERS.

Score: 49

I can never thank the Atlanta Fire Department enough for their help lifting my Mom when she fell so many times in her last years. They were always patient and reassuring during those lift assists, never complaining, and modestly explaining that it was their job. God Bless you!

Score: 47

My 13 year old step daughter really ruined the gravy train she had going for her. She was bragging to our next door neighbor that she could get her father to do anything she wanted by just batting her eyes at him. He was in the next room and heard everything this conniving girl said and it broke his heart. Now he knows that everyone was right about her.

Score: 45

I supported my husband all the way through college, internship and setting him up in an office . I have been his nurse for 22 years. I consider it to be it the best thing to have happened to us. If we had not been soul mates we could have never survived being around each other so much. Plus by now we know each other's minds before we even say anything and that is a very good thing.

Score: 45

Bonus points for knowing what frog gigging is.

Score: 43

Everyone gets paid what they get because it's what the market will bear. It's a shame they teach wealth envy instead of simple economics nowadays.

Score: 43

It's so nice to look back over all my old recipes for the holidays. It brings back so many pleasant memories.

Score: 41

We are on our way to Knoxville ,Tn. Our son-in-law just called and our daughter just went into labor. The doctor sure got it close when she said it would be a Thanksgiving baby. Hold on Carla we're coming.

Score: 39

My daughter is a step Mom and the children's step Dad is wonderful to the children. The parents decided early on the children's welfare trumped their feelings toward each other and their "new" spouses. It hasn't always been easy, but they all worked hard at it.

Score: 39

Busy time for people in the service industry so tip good and show your appreciation for their hard work!

Score: 39

Sadly, stepchildren can be such con artists to their biological parents and frequently "play them off " against each other.

Score: 39

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