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Today is my Great Grand Mother's 102th birthday. She is absolutely amazing. Though she walks very slowly now and is frail her mind is just as sharp as ever and she has a great sense of humor. God must really love her.

Score: 91

I can do without mail for a lot longer than I can do without electricity or heat.

Score: 67

Our whole subdivision is mourning the passing of Sammy, a West High Land Terrier, that was our neighbors. Sammy went everyday to visit nearly everyone of us for the last 14 years. He seemed to know when everyone got home and was there waiting for you with his tail wagging. We just loved him. He was a perfect dog. He will be missed.

Score: 65

My Mother has always loved bubble baths. She has a really old, ugly gold color ,little bath tub. This year for Mother's Day we are sending her on a cruise and while she is away we a going to get her a jetted tub. My husband is a plumber so that really helps.

Score: 63

I am so grateful to all you Unventers getting me interested with cooking with a crock pot. I have such an easy time now when I get home from work. We are having so many different kinds of dinners plus we are really saving money. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Score: 61

Our Dad was such a good man. No matter how tired he was when he got home he would listen to us and such good advice. He is the one that makes me want to be a great father.

Score: 61

Well look at that. Top aides to our governor get raises while bus drivers lose their health insurance. Our state leaders really do care about the people....Not!

Score: 60

Happiness is meeting the nicest man at Church last Sunday. I had just about given up on ever meeting a gentleman. Thank you Jesus.

Score: 59

The only thing ruder than a person who believes a haircut needs to cost a lot to be good is a person who says that cheaper haircut can't be good. Pay more if you want. I prefer to spend and save my money for other things.

Score: 59

A hairdresser made a snide remark on what I wore while getting a haircut with her. I didn't realize you had to dress up to get a haircut. She lost a really good tip and potential customer because of her mouth.

Score: 58

Last night I was woken up by the sound of my Mother calling my name and she was touching my face. It was scary but comforting at the same time. Mom passed away 10 years ago today. I called my sister and told her and she had the same thing happen to her last night. I just don't know what that means.

Score: 58

Why do we pay huge cable fees and still have put up with crawlers and popups?

Score: 53

Crock pots are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Score: 49

My MIL never thought I was good eniough for her son. Her opinion changed when she had her stroke and I was the one who took care of her. Her daughter couldn't be bothered.

Score: 48

Our daughter was complaining about us moving to Jasper when we retired. She said she was use to us being able to babysit for her anytime she wanted us to. It sure did start to sound like a 5 year old whining. I think we spoiled her .

Score: 46

I think I'd ask my Mother if she wanted the jetted tub before I up and installed it.

Score: 45

In addition to utility company linemen my mail carrier and my UPS and FedEx delivery guys are high up on my list of most appreciated people.

Score: 45

My sister met a "nice man" at church who turned out to be a thieving, unmotivated leech.

Score: 44

We took the children up to the mountains to play in the snow Sunday morning. We stopped at a little country church that looked just like the pictures that are painted. Such nice people. We will come back.

Score: 44

How many of you who complain about Congress bother to vote?

Score: 43

My husband made the prettiest Red Velvet cake yesterday. He was so proud of it when everyone bragged at the Church Supper about it. Not a slice was left.

Score: 41

Just spent a wonderful morning in the sunroom, enjoying a hot cup of coffee and watching the squirrels and cottontail bunnies playing in the snow. Also had 17 species of birds show up at our feeders, the males so beautiful against the drab winter background.

Score: 40

I don't have much hair anymore. It doesn't take an expert to cut what's left.

Score: 39

My sister has just been accepted to UT. We are so happy for her because it is really hard to get into the Nursing studies there. Well done Barbie.

Score: 38

I am so proud of our 2 daughters. They have made the Dean's List for the last 3 years and will be graduating in the Spring with honors. They have already had several job offers. I couldn't have ask for better girls. We sure do love you Linda and Mary Ann.

Score: 37

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