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My mom died of Alzheimer's. Now my husband has begun showing the same symptoms. Please remember me in your prayers. I wasn't always good to her and I want to do better by my husband.

Score: 93

No one has to tell me I'm not to charge personal charges to my company/govt etc issued card. It's stealing plain & simple. You only pay it back to avoid jail.

Score: 76

Sorry folks-I'm OK with the traditions and all that, BUT, Easter is'nt about eggs & bunnies and stuff: He is risen!

Score: 75

Please pray for the victims at the Overland Park Jewish Community Center.

Score: 75

All the Grandchildren should get together and put $5.00 each in a card for Grandmother this Easter. That would be something special. :-)

Score: 71

Captain Herb was a gem.

Score: 68

I will really miss Captain Herb. May he rest in peace. He was the only bright spot in rush hour traffic. He always made me smile even when I was very frustrated on my commute. Atlanta has lost an icon.

Score: 68

Women need to realize that having an affair with your married boss is a waste of your life. Someone will be looking for a job and it won't be him.

Score: 67

I love my grandchildren dearly but their nonstop use of the word "like" is, like, driving me, like, crazy.

Score: 65

To the mother/wife that is so tired with 3 kids and cooking all the time, OH how I wish I could go back to those days. I am now a widow, with 3 grown kids and would love to cook 10 meals a day for my hubby. You may not realize this now, but one day you will miss these days.

Score: 64

Just be thankful that you have food to cook 3 times a day, that your husband has a job and that you have 3 healthy children.

Score: 64

Little boy on a bike getting money pledged for him to walk laps at school ask if I would pledge a dollar.I did.Little rascal walked thirty five laps.

Score: 64

Women are equally as guilty of cheating as men. Remember, it takes two to tango.

Score: 64

Beverly Hall: face up to your responsibility.

Score: 61

Yes, there are some chivalrous men out there that would like a relationship with one woman.

Score: 61

Remember this: the Easter bunny didn't die for you, Jesus did.

Score: 59

I never met Capt Herb but after years of listening, I felt like he was a good friend, just checking in to let us get traffic reports. Will miss that voice!

Score: 59

Because of what happened that third day morning long ago no one has to experience hopelessness. There is a world of hope in that empty tomb.

Score: 58

May your Pesach overflow with happiness... May you always be blessed with peace, prosperity good health and togetherness. Wishing you a Happy Passover!

Score: 58

Missed you during my drive this morning Captain. God speed my friend.

Score: 57

I guess old man winter wasn't quite done with us.

Score: 53

The most confusing day in Atlanta is coming- FATHER's Day

Score: 52

Sometimes the tears that wash our eyes simply clear our vision.

Score: 48

Our Grandmother is coming this afternoon to spend the next two weeks with us. She makes the best Easter egg bread. Shoot everything she cooks is good.

Score: 47

Texting is okay for some things, but a phone call or being in person is better if something serious is being talked about.

Score: 47

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