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A machinist fabricates metal parts accurate to 1/1000 of an inch from plans he reads off of blueprints. A fast food worker asks "do you want fries with that?". Tell me why the fast food worker deserves the same pay as the machinist.

Score: 96

I have been giving our neighbor vegetables out of our garden all season long. The father lost his job and they are really hurting. My husband has hired him to help clean up our pastures and pays him extremely well. Every little bit helps when you need work. I pray they get back on their feet soon.They are such good people.

Score: 88

I remember when I got my first job. I was a waitress at Shoney's in Marietta and made $.75 an hour.I bought groceries with my check and paid rent and utilities and car payment with my tips.I worked 5 years there while my husband studied for his degree. When he graduated I went back to school.I learned a lot of great things while being a waitress that helped me through life.

Score: 84

I can respect a person who does not want children, not having them. Rather than a person having them, and abusing them or something worse.

Score: 79

I always knew I wanted children, but I have never looked down on anyone who chooses to be childless. It's not for everyone. Do what's right for you.

Score: 78

There are lots of jobs in electronics, IT, plumbing and more that don't require a college education but pay more than many college graduates will ever make. Exactly, it's called skilled labor and we need them as much as we need doctors, lawyers and bankers!!

Score: 76

I wholeheartedly support any woman not having children for ANY reason she decides to give.

Score: 74

Elvis ran the gamut in popular music. He could sing everything from rock and roll to gospel, all with lyrics the listeners could understand and appreciate. Music today leaves at lot to be desired.

Score: 71

Fast food work was never intended to be a living wage. Those were the jobs we all had in high school and college to get some spending money.

Score: 71

There are lots of jobs in electronics, IT, plumbing and more that don't require a college education but pay more than many college graduates will ever make.

Score: 67

Served coffee Monday to veterans at a VA clinic, 100 times more rewarding than I was expecting!

Score: 65

Truer words were never spoken when Judge Judy said " if you tell the truth, you don't have to have a good memory".

Score: 64

Why would anyone think that I would do business with someone that hides behind a false caller ID? Get a clue telemarketers!

Score: 63

Came home from work to a beautiful wife,cube steak and gravy with hot biscuits and a desert of egg custard pie.Lord I'm a blessed man.

Score: 62

A plumb does not grow on trees or bushes. It is a weight attached to a line used to determine depth or true veritcal. Plums, however, do grow on trees.

Score: 60

It dishonors the watermelon to put a vinaigrette dressing on it. Even worse, someone once served me a "watermelon salad" with a honey-based dressing. Watermelon, like tomatoes, is at its best when allowed to stand on its own merits!

Score: 57

That is so nice of you for helping your neighbor like that. Times are so hard now. You will be blessed for your kindness.

Score: 56

I'm afraid that the fast food workers who want $15/hour aren't aware of how quickly they can be replaced by a machine. Maybe better to earn a little less, but have a job.

Score: 53

Some of these Unvents I just don't understand. For instance, why would ANYBODY think a person is evil just because they decided not to have children.

Score: 53

It was raining like crazy when our grandchildren came to visit. So we did the only sensible thing. We went out and played in it.

Score: 53

I'm thankful for the difficult people in my life, they show me exactly who I don't want to be.

Score: 52

I was always good working with people. It has really helped me since I became a Nurse. You have to work with the families almost as much as the patient.I am grateful that God gave me the talent of listening.

Score: 51

You don't get paid based on who you have to interact with in your job. You get paid based in your value to the company. And they have the right and the information to determine how valuable you are to them. If you don't like what they offer you for that value go somewhere else.

Score: 51

Happiness is welcoming our new baby girl Anna Maria into the world Saturday night. Everyone was so happy that you couldn't help but have tears in your eyes.

Score: 51

Began a full time job in 1959 for $1 an hour and SO happy when found new job that paid $1.50!

Score: 50

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