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When the Good Lord blesses you, it has nothing to do with luck.

Score: 81

I'm so old I remember roller skates with keys.

Score: 78

I remember playing boxball and hopscotch in the playground before the school bell. Such a shame that now they make kids sit in a room and watch cartoons before school instead of letting them go outside to get their wiggles out!

Score: 66

I sure hope everyone is enjoying these beautiful fall days...just simply wonderful for anything you want to do.

Score: 65

Going to Church for the first time since I had my emergency surgery. I have so much to thank the Good Lord for. I was so lucky

Score: 65

Any of you old enough to remember what folks really used the Sears Roebuck catalog for?

Score: 64

The best thing about fall is the cool air, the festivals up here in North Ga. and the fall displays.

Score: 64

My neighbor was alarmed about a five-foot rat snake in his yard. I told him he's better having rat snake than rats.

Score: 59

Grew up with an outhouse, I know what the Sears and Roebuck catalog was used for!

Score: 56

While camping with my 18 year old daughter she said she wanted this to be a monthly event for us and wants camping equipment for her graduation present. It's the simple things in life that make it great. So proud.

Score: 55

You see what you did! Now my wife has me going around the house trying to seal everything to keep snakes out.

Score: 52

This Daylight Savings Time is an irrelevant, useless program that has outlived its usefulness. Get rid of it already!

Score: 51

I used to grab the Sears catalog and circle all of the toys I wanted for Christmas. Then I'd hand it to my parents as if it was their next assignment.

Score: 50

GA400 is not the only way to North Georgia.

Score: 50

Love walking out in the cool mornings and seeing all the trees starting to get color. In another week or so it will be gorgeous. Love this time of year.

Score: 49

In the 1930s mom would go to the garden to pick a "mess" of butter beans or turnip greens. A mess was the amount needed for a meal.

Score: 47

If everyone liked only the same things it'd be a boring world. So I say we should delight in our differences and be glad we have many options in life.

Score: 47

I am so happy that my grown children still like spending time with mom. Every minute with them means so much. Harder to get together, but so much fun when we do.

Score: 47

I remember sitting and looking through the Sears catalog and mentally listing all the things I'd buy if I had the money. Now I do that on websites. My how times have changed!

Score: 45

It is fine with me if we keep Daylight Savings Time but pick one time and stick with it. Switching back and forth is absurd.

Score: 44

I was 8 during the '73 ice storm. We hauled out the camping gear and had a blast all week. If you want to be prepared, learn to camp!

Score: 40

I'd say that nearly the best thing about cold/cool weather (besides sweat and sweltering) is the absence of biting bugs. Miss the sound of crickets chirping, though.

Score: 40

If I have a rat snake living around my house, I treat it like a pet. They're more valuable than exterminators.

Score: 39

Hey Oldie but Goodie, roller skates with keys were the best. I was too young, but all of my sibs got a pair for Christmas. That and one or two items made the best Christmas.

Score: 38

Happy to hear about your owl. I have one near my house in Peachtree Hills. They keep the destructive critters down.

Score: 35

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