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I wish more companies were operated on the same business principles as Chick-fil-a.

Score: 108

I want to thank the EMTs that stopped in our driveway when they saw me mowing the yard Friday. I was having a heat stroke and didn't even realize it. I wasn't making sense when I was trying to talk and had such a high fever my husband told me. They saved my life. They didn't have to stop when they went by. I would love to adopt those kind young men as my Grandsons.

Score: 92

Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.

Score: 84

Truett Cathy is proof, there is life after death. His example of giving back will forever be a goal for many business men and women in the future.

Score: 71

The problem is that New York nasal comes with a side of rude.

Score: 66

It's 9/11 and not one 9/11 vent. I hope the Unvent Person will print this even if it's tomorrow. We must not forget. Blessings to those who were affected.

Score: 66

Why can't we just be nice and turn around and say "would you be bothered if I reclined my seat?"

Score: 65

Let the poorly informed say what they will about the south, but when was the last time you heard about somebody retiring to move up north ???

Score: 58

Don't honk at me if I don 't pull out the second the light turns green. I'd rather make sure no one is running a red light instead of gaining a few seconds.

Score: 57

Please, please people - it's I SAW not I SEEN!!!!!

Score: 56

My sister hates when I refer to my adult sons as my children. Well, they are my children. Just because they are grown does not change that fact. But unfortunately for me, they grew out of their Carters.

Score: 56

I've learned that there's a lot of wisdom from people who don't talk a lot.

Score: 54

I think too many people confuse a Southern accent with a country accent. They are NOT the same.

Score: 48

I'll take Southern drawl over any other accent, and I'm from the left coast!

Score: 46

My little girl has a child of her own that is in college. Don't care, she's still my little girl!

Score: 46

In other parts of the country BBQ is a verb. In the South BBQ is a noun.

Score: 46

Squirrels are not meant to be fed by humans. If you leave them food, they will eat the food. You don't feed any animal that you don't want hanging around and producing "offspring."

Score: 45

The early bird may get the worm, but the SECOND mouse gets the cheese.

Score: 45

Thank you to the people who reported the dog left outside tied up with no food/water in Lithia Springs. Keep taking matters into your own hands, no matter what anyone says. The animals are grateful.

Score: 45

My late husband's first car was a 49 or 50 Ford. He paid 50.00 for it He earned the money picking cotton.

Score: 44

I'm 61 and wish my mom was still alive. It would be an honor to hear her call me her baby boy again.

Score: 44

Out in Texas they say "All hat and no horse"

Score: 44

My son is 21 and daughter is 17 but they are still my BABIES!

Score: 43

Fried pickles are awesome. Who are you to decide what is wierd for everyone?

Score: 40

My 'kids' are in their 60's but they will always be my 'kids' or my 'girls'.

Score: 39

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