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The idea of businesses being closed on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas sounds GREAT to me!

Score: 100

My mom died of Alzheimer's. Now my husband has begun showing the same symptoms. Please remember me in your prayers. I wasn't always good to her and I want to do better by my husband.

Score: 96

The weather on Easter Sunday was absolutely gorgeous.

Score: 81

I will be keeping little Tripp Halstead in my thoughts and prayers even more on Tuesday. He is having his tonsils and adenoids removed. That child has been such a survivor and his family absolutely amaze me. God Bless all of you !! Stacy and Bill - hang in there.......

Score: 77

Sorry folks-I'm OK with the traditions and all that, BUT, Easter is'nt about eggs & bunnies and stuff: He is risen!

Score: 76

All the Grandchildren should get together and put $5.00 each in a card for Grandmother this Easter. That would be something special. :-)

Score: 72

I want to thank the Cobb County Policeman that came so fast when I saw that man trying to get in my house. I was scared to death. I'm going to take his advice and get a big dog and learn to shoot a gun.

Score: 70

Women need to realize that having an affair with your married boss is a waste of your life. Someone will be looking for a job and it won't be him.

Score: 68

Just be thankful that you have food to cook 3 times a day, that your husband has a job and that you have 3 healthy children.

Score: 66

To the mother/wife that is so tired with 3 kids and cooking all the time, OH how I wish I could go back to those days. I am now a widow, with 3 grown kids and would love to cook 10 meals a day for my hubby. You may not realize this now, but one day you will miss these days.

Score: 65

Little boy on a bike getting money pledged for him to walk laps at school ask if I would pledge a dollar.I did.Little rascal walked thirty five laps.

Score: 65

Women are equally as guilty of cheating as men. Remember, it takes two to tango.

Score: 65

To family caregivers of the elderly: you ARE appreciated and loved, even if they cannot express it. It is tough, but you can do it! Just don't forget to take care of yourself! And if you aren't a caregiver, please help someone out who is.

Score: 63

Remember this: the Easter bunny didn't die for you, Jesus did.

Score: 61

I never met Capt Herb but after years of listening, I felt like he was a good friend, just checking in to let us get traffic reports. Will miss that voice!

Score: 60

Because of what happened that third day morning long ago no one has to experience hopelessness. There is a world of hope in that empty tomb.

Score: 59

Missed you during my drive this morning Captain. God speed my friend.

Score: 58

The most confusing day in Atlanta is coming- FATHER's Day

Score: 53

I guess old man winter wasn't quite done with us.

Score: 53

Every Sunday is a special day, but Easter Sunday had a special shine to it. Awesome.

Score: 52

If the Lord has truly risen in your heart every day is Easter.

Score: 50

All this talk about hugs makes me really miss a hug from my son. He's at college. He never stopped giving hugs all through his teen years and I really appreciated that.

Score: 49

Sometimes the tears that wash our eyes simply clear our vision.

Score: 49

Our Grandmother is coming this afternoon to spend the next two weeks with us. She makes the best Easter egg bread. Shoot everything she cooks is good.

Score: 47

Texting is okay for some things, but a phone call or being in person is better if something serious is being talked about.

Score: 47

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