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In the reality that most of us don't recognize: if you have food, clothing and shelter every are one of the most blessed people in the world.

Score: 113

Heard this on the radio several years ago: if you have some money in the bank and some in your pocket, if you know where you next meal is coming from and you have a roof over your head, you are better off than most of the world. Be grateful.

Score: 100

My husband's grandmother was telling us how she let a woman in town do her laundry for her. I ask her how she could afford it. She said back in the late 40's if the husband was hurt or killed that the wife usually either cleaned houses or did laundry. Everyone would let them work for them even if you really didn't have the money for extras because they knew that the whole family would starve if she didn't get work. People watched out for their neighbors. We sure do need to go back to that concept.

Score: 99

My Dad drove the same Studebaker Lark from 1961 until 1985. He could have afforded to replace it, but as long as the maintenance was less than payments on a newer car, why?

Score: 84

I can remember both of my parents worked in a cotton mill for 10 hours a day 6 days a week. They then had to work the garden , clean the house ,take care of the cattle , cook and take care of us. I don't see how they did it. They took such good care of us and we knew we were so loved.

Score: 76

When I was a kid, my four siblings and myself always received about 2 to 4 gifts from "Santa" and 1 gift from Mom and Dad. Our stockings were filled with fruit and candy canes. And my parents did not have a lot of money. But, boy did they make Christmas seem like we were rich. Truth is, a little money went a long way back then.

Score: 72

Happiness is helping my son put up Christmas lights for our elderly neighbor . They always had some of the most beautiful lights in the neighborhood. For my 15 year old to volunteer to put his lights up is just awesome. Jed, our neighbor, was so happy.

Score: 71

My husband's grandmother was telling us tonight about when she was young. They had 7 children. She had a wringer washer and hung her clothes to dry. They had a huge garden and she canned all their fruits and vegetables. They had chickens , goats , pigs , cows and a mean mule. She got to keep the money off her sales of eggs and butter. She said a lot of times that had to pay the mortgage. We don't realize how blessed we are.

Score: 69

I have a hard time sleeping. So I have found out if I go read and study my Bible that a peace comes over me that last the whole day.

Score: 67

I am so lucky to have a great husband. I have really been blessed.

Score: 65

I remember when we were small that we always got 2 small gifts and a stocking full of fruit and candy. We were much more excited to get that than my grandchildren and their hundreds of dollars in presents and they are still not happy.

Score: 63

You had good parents to do all of that work day in and day out. Makes many of today's parents seem like light-weights.

Score: 58

We lived in a mining town in the 50's and 60's. At Christmas time I can remember Santa coming to the town square giving "pokes" out to the kids filled with apples , oranges , nuts and small toys. We would be so excited. For a lot of the children that's all they got.

Score: 58

I was given a Senior Citizen Discount the other day, I guess that moisturizer isn't working.

Score: 55

We held our November retired educators' meeting at our local food/clothing bank. Two of us (who both volunteer there) presented the program, showed the members around, and answered all their questions. Today I will have 4 new volunteers coming in to work and they are as excited as I am! Cheers for Volunteers!

Score: 53

When we were young I can remember my mother fixing me a cup of coffee that was mostly warm milk and sugar because I wanted to be just like my Dad.

Score: 52

Why can't people be happy with their own beliefs without trying to convince everyone else that they need to believe that way as well?

Score: 51

I am so Blessed. I have a family that is so close. Even all our daughter-in-laws are so nice and we consider them our daughters . We can't wait for Christmas when everyone is coming for a week. Thank you Jesus.

Score: 51

I watched the meteorite shower last night. It was beautiful . We counted 20 large ones and just loads of the tiny ones. Moving to this house on the mountain you can see so many more stars. I am so glad that we moved to the country.

Score: 51

I think the best present my husband ever bought me was a new upright freezer 6 years ago . Every day when I get something out of it I am so thankful to have it.

Score: 51

Why is your mother-in-law dictating what you can give your own kids for Christmas? Make your own traditions however you want. You're right though...the walks will be remembered more than anything!

Score: 51

Here's a news flash. You don't have to obey your mother in law.

Score: 48

Back in the 1930s my brother and I walked 3 miles to school. He for 5 years and me for 3. Then the county put in school busses. Now, 75 years later I still love those big yellow busses. I hope kids appreciate them.

Score: 47

My parents worked at the cotton mill in Canton also. In fact we lived in the cotton mill village. They worked them almost to death. My parents both worked there 32 years. They retired with a very small pension and they let them buy the house they had rented for 30 years for $1,000. They were happy though and very loyal to the company.

Score: 46

Since I was the oldest boy it was my job to feed and water all the animals and milk the cow before I went to school. Then we had to walk a mile to school. I loved school because it was so much easier to study than work on our farm. I miss it now.

Score: 45

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