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I want to thank our grown children for understanding that we just can't afford to buy every one a Christmas present with our SS checks. What we can do is fix a really great dinner with everyone's favorites on Christmas Day.

Score: 76

My Dad gave my Mom a house on her thirty-third birthday, and paid off the mortgage off on schedule, kept the taxes, insurance and utilities current for the rest of his life, and left her a pension that kept her secure there for the rest of her life. That was the gift that kept on giving.

Score: 76

If a cat or dog wakes you up in the middle of the night, it is always smart to get up and see what is going on.

Score: 68

Books don't require batteries or instruction manuals.

Score: 63

NEVER give your wife any gift related to household duties... Except your hand, in helping her !! It's your house too !!

Score: 60

Our first 50 years together have been fantastic and I'm looking forward to the next 50.

Score: 55

It's not about shopping when I want. It's about being pummeled to death by the commercialism that Christmas has become. It's almost as bad as the past political season.

Score: 53

Everyone appreciates a clean floor, a stove that works, dishwashers, etc. Why knock a perfectly good gift? It doesn't mean you want them to do more work. It means you want them to have an easier time of chores that already happen to spend more time with your partner.

Score: 48

When I was a young married with little kids, my feelings got hurt when the gift was a toaster. No more! Give me something practical which I will use and I am so grateful.

Score: 47

We complain about what doctors charge yet are willing to pay 15 million plus for someone to throw or catch a ball. Amazing!!

Score: 47

You do know WE didn't land on a comet....Europe did.

Score: 44

Everyone gets paid what they get because it's what the market will bear. It's a shame they teach wealth envy instead of simple economics nowadays.

Score: 43

So sorry about your garage and belongings but I am thankful that Daisy and the rest of your family are OK.

Score: 43

Bonus points for knowing what frog gigging is.

Score: 42

I supported my husband all the way through college, internship and setting him up in an office . I have been his nurse for 22 years. I consider it to be it the best thing to have happened to us. If we had not been soul mates we could have never survived being around each other so much. Plus by now we know each other's minds before we even say anything and that is a very good thing.

Score: 40

Married couples usually agree on what they want for an occasion. A budget only goes so far. I don't want to waste money on candy, lacy things, or flowers that die in a few days. I don't feel bad asking for a new stove that is pricey and makes me happy.

Score: 39

Good cat, Now, go put a smoke alarm out in the garage.

Score: 39

Hip break first, fall first ... who cares. Let's hope and pray it does not happen to our loved ones. Let the battle of the know-it-alls come to an end. Please?

Score: 38

To the person whose hip breaks, the sequence of the event hardly matters.

Score: 38

My husband used to bring me coffee in bed, but that was probably self-defense.

Score: 38

Read up a little. Hips do break which is what causes the fall and not the other way around

Score: 36

Well my wife loves her new Kindle and it came with a plug. But, I DO see your point. No vacuum cleaners, period!

Score: 35

Usually the best gift a man can give his wife is either preceded by the words, "What can I do to help?" or better yet followed by the words, "Guess what, I already did it!"

Score: 33

I tip extra when the service is good or better. Ask your boss for a raise and stop begging.

Score: 33

My (male) sweetheart has given me a vacuum cleaner, a stove, a dishwasher and best of all, a riding lawnmower. Nothing says love like appliances and lawn equipment!

Score: 33

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