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Oh happy day, Honey Boo Boo has been cancelled!

Score: 88

Why don't we just adjust the clocks 30 minutes permanently and be done with daylight saving time once and for all?

Score: 61

You see what you did! Now my wife has me going around the house trying to seal everything to keep snakes out.

Score: 59

I used to grab the Sears catalog and circle all of the toys I wanted for Christmas. Then I'd hand it to my parents as if it was their next assignment.

Score: 57

I'm definitely an oldie. I remember Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doodie. I also remember when cartoons were cartoons.

Score: 56

Favorite? Amazing Grace.

Score: 54

In the 1930s mom would go to the garden to pick a "mess" of butter beans or turnip greens. A mess was the amount needed for a meal.

Score: 54

If everyone liked only the same things it'd be a boring world. So I say we should delight in our differences and be glad we have many options in life.

Score: 53

It is fine with me if we keep Daylight Savings Time but pick one time and stick with it. Switching back and forth is absurd.

Score: 51

My ex is offering a deer hunt on his expansive property for a sick or underprivileged child or a veteran. Despite him being my ex,I admire this about him.

Score: 43

Tickets-$126; Parking-$12, Watching Phantom at the FOX with my daughter- PRICELESS!

Score: 38

I'm with you on the Daylight Savings Time. I have not seen one advantage of switching. On our current time, children are still at the bus stop in the dark.

Score: 37

I'd get off the snake conversation, but it's election season and every other commercial on TV revives it.

Score: 33

Whether going into Daylight Saving Time or out of it, my late Mom used to kvetch, "I hate this new time!" for about a month after each change.

Score: 32

"Killing Me Softly" by Roberta Flack

Score: 30

My kids used to circle just about every toy in that Sears catalog also-- and they are now 44 and 46 years old.

Score: 30

The poster who worked in the catalog department gave me a good chuckle! So funny that you asked how many bathrooms they had!

Score: 30

My Sweet Lord...George Harrison

Score: 29

Love Shack by the B-52's. Just a fun song!

Score: 28

The only thing worse than finding a snake in your house or car is finding only the skin. I just did: under the hood of my car.

Score: 28

Spinach doesn't work for me the way,that it does for Popeye.I remember,the first time that I ate It, I went outside and tried to pick the house up.

Score: 26

"Saturday in the Park" by Chicago

Score: 26

Took my daughter to the FOX Theater to see Phantom. She was singing along to all the songs. Good seats and Very good production.

Score: 26

Ladies will you please wear some of those clothes and shoes in your closet that you still have tags on.

Score: 26

Hey that makes sense, that a mess is the amount for a meal, and that's why they call it a "mess kit" when you're camping or Scouting or soldiering. Thanks!

Score: 26

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