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When the Good Lord blesses you, it has nothing to do with luck.

Score: 83

I'm so old I remember roller skates with keys.

Score: 79

I remember playing boxball and hopscotch in the playground before the school bell. Such a shame that now they make kids sit in a room and watch cartoons before school instead of letting them go outside to get their wiggles out!

Score: 65

Any of you old enough to remember what folks really used the Sears Roebuck catalog for?

Score: 65

Going to Church for the first time since I had my emergency surgery. I have so much to thank the Good Lord for. I was so lucky

Score: 64

The best thing about fall is the cool air, the festivals up here in North Ga. and the fall displays.

Score: 64

Volunteering is heart work!

Score: 61

My neighbor was alarmed about a five-foot rat snake in his yard. I told him he's better having rat snake than rats.

Score: 59

While camping with my 18 year old daughter she said she wanted this to be a monthly event for us and wants camping equipment for her graduation present. It's the simple things in life that make it great. So proud.

Score: 57

Guess most of you are to young to remember the ice storm of 1973. Worst winter storm of my 59 years. Out of power for 7 days, luckily we had a LP gas floor furnace.

Score: 56

This Daylight Savings Time is an irrelevant, useless program that has outlived its usefulness. Get rid of it already!

Score: 52

The best thing about cold weather is the food! Savory stews and pies, pot roasts, home-baked breads and desserts, root vegetables, winter squash and spiced cider! What could be better?

Score: 51

Love walking out in the cool mornings and seeing all the trees starting to get color. In another week or so it will be gorgeous. Love this time of year.

Score: 49

Going to Ellijay this weekend for apples and fried pies. I love fall.

Score: 49

GA400 is not the only way to North Georgia.

Score: 47

I am so happy that my grown children still like spending time with mom. Every minute with them means so much. Harder to get together, but so much fun when we do.

Score: 47

Age can equal experience and knowledge OR it can equal stubborn and rude. Your choice. Choose wisely.

Score: 45

I was born in another southern state, and grew up in Georgia from the time I was two months old. I remember snow before Christmas along about 1960, snow days through the sixties, Ice storms in the seventies, Snow Jam, and the Blizzard of '93,. If you're too young to remember these, I wish I were your age!

Score: 42

I am an American. I love grits and Boston baked beans!

Score: 41

Georgia has ALWAYS had snow and ice storms.....maybe your memory isn't what it used to be.

Score: 41

I was 8 during the '73 ice storm. We hauled out the camping gear and had a blast all week. If you want to be prepared, learn to camp!

Score: 40

I'd say that nearly the best thing about cold/cool weather (besides sweat and sweltering) is the absence of biting bugs. Miss the sound of crickets chirping, though.

Score: 40

If I have a rat snake living around my house, I treat it like a pet. They're more valuable than exterminators.

Score: 39

The Plague is here. Hug your kids, profess your love and appreciation and make any overdue apologies. And pray, pray, pray.

Score: 38

Do snakes get in outdoor buildings for the winter? My mother picked up a piece of wood and there was a rattler under it. She lives alone, so I am so glad she didn't get bitten.

Score: 35

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