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When I went to Walmart today a little old lady in front of me was trying to look through her purse for money to pay for the very basic food that was to last her a month.My heart just broke for her because you could tell she really had it rough.I had 2 Walmart gift cards I had been saving($50) to buy a new TV.I gave them to the cashier for the lady.It made me feel so much better after I did that.Then I gave her $20 for her to get something extra that she would like.I just hope that when I get old and need help someone would be there for me.

Score: 158

I found a job!

Score: 144

Son came home safely from Afghanistan - God bless you all for your prayers. Best day ever!

Score: 141

My daughter said it was unbecoming for a grandmother to be out in the yard playing dodgeball with the grandchildren and neighbor children. The children begged me to stay and play. I did.

Score: 135

The man was being polite when he opened the door for a "lady." She immediately huffed at him that she could open her own door. he said, just because you don't want to act like a lady don't mean I have to stop acting like a gentleman.

Score: 132

Anyone who does a good, hard, honest day's work should feel pride and respect for themselves. Doesn't matter if you work in an office or dig a ditch.

Score: 129

My wife has been a very loyal employee of a high end store for over 25 years.She has had so many awards for selling and helping people.They are now having her work in the back doing things that new hires usually do.She knows that it is because they want younger people out front.She is going to retire in 1 week.Thank God she is one of the few left that continue to have a pension and that is what they hate.I'll be glad to have her home.They will have to look a long,long time to find a better employee than she was.Shame on that company.

Score: 125

A big thumbs up to that policeman who stopped his car and played about two minutes of throw & catch football with that youngster who was having to play alone. Caught on dashboard camera, A refreshing change from what usually comes up on a police dashboard camera. He'll probably get fired but this is exactly the kind of thing that needs to happen to turn this old world around.

Score: 118

Please keep my husband in your thoughts/prayers. He has a job interview on Friday that seems hopeful. We really need the $$$, he has been out of work for a long time.

Score: 116

Chick-fil-a gave food away, Kroger, Publix, Home Depot let people sleep in their aisles, O-Kay Corrall and Steak n Shake let people in from the cold, people walked down to interstates to give food and water away, churches open their doors, etc, etc, etc. Great day for mankind in the ATL, the state of GA and all of the South. Southern Hospitality lives!!! Yea!!!!!!!!!

Score: 115

People don't realize what it's like for Alzheimer patients. It's not just forgetting who people are, it's forgetting how to use the bathroom, how to eat, even how to swallow their food. It's very exhausting for the caregivers.

Score: 113

When my son was a teen, he was so much fun and had a very positive attitude. One day I saw him with one tennis shoe on and walking around looking for the other one. I asked, "Did you lose a shoe.?" He said, "No Ma'am, I found one." He passed away nine months ago at age 41. I miss him more each day.

Score: 113

If dogs could talk, they would probably tell you they'd pass on the costumes--all of them.

Score: 113

How incredible are the police, fire, military, and EMS folks who run toward gunfire, run into fires, and put their lives on the line to save us. They are truly wonderful!

Score: 113

Met an old timer in the Waffle House this morning that was hungry.No money just ordered a cup of water.Made me ashamed for complaining so much.Bought him breakfast and put a twenty in his shirt pocket.Be kind you could be next to need a meal.

Score: 112

We are losing my mom to dementia. I'm on vacation but came in to work for a distraction. She will one day not know who she is. Please pray for the families who are going through this.

Score: 110

I want to thank our elderly neighbor for keeping an eye on our house while we were on vacation.She stopped 2 men from breaking in by calling the police when they first pulled in our driveway.They had just cut the screen to our basement window when the police caught them in the act.

Score: 109

Dogs are the most wonderful and loyal friends!

Score: 109

I remember Loretta Lynn once talking about being so poor growing up. They still were expected to keep a clean house and themselves, too. She said, "Soap and water are pretty cheap."

Score: 108

Our son gave our granddaughter a car for her 16th birthday. She received a speeding ticket the second day and on the 4th day she didn't come to a complete stop at a stop sign. On the 4th evening he sold the car to Car Max.

Score: 108

I owe everything I have to the US Navy. 49 years ago they took a 17 year old kid and taught him Electronics and a whole lot more. Thank You..........

Score: 106

I want to thank the 3 nice families that stopped to help me when someone threw a can at my horse and I while we were out riding.My horse shied and threw me, then ran. One gentleman caught up with the man that threw the can and called 911 with tag number then they came back to help me. The 2nd family ran to my aid and the 3rd couple caught Lady for me and brought her back. Lady had to have 5 stiches on her hip and I am filing charges. With out these nice people helping me it could have been really bad.

Score: 106

MIRACLES......yes...we just had a BIG one to be thankful just opened his eyes after 12 days in a coma and is actually able to communicate some!!!!!!!

Score: 104

The true measure of a person's character is found in how they treat someone who has absolutely no value or worth to them.

Score: 103

Amen, to Ms. Tuff being a true hero. many lives were saved because of her. Hope she is recognized for what she has done.

Score: 102

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