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I left my IPad in a shopping buggy at Lowes in Oxford Alabama on Sunday. Went to eat at a local restaurant and realized it an hour later. Went in to ask about it and to my surprise someone had turned it in to lost and found. Thank you sweet honest person whoever you are!

Score: 96

Oh happy day, Honey Boo Boo has been cancelled!

Score: 88

Dropped my debit card when I went to the pharmacy and someone turned it in. There are still a lot of good people around.

Score: 85

When the Good Lord blesses you, it has nothing to do with luck.

Score: 83

I remember when cable first came out and they said you paid for it because there weren't commercials to pay for the programming. See how they hook you in and then change things?

Score: 80

I'm so old I remember roller skates with keys.

Score: 78

My mom has shingles. I thought nothing could slow her down (she's 81 and my dad is 85),but this is doing it. Please pray for them and for everyone who has shingles. When my mother-in-law had it, the pain seemed to go on for a year or so :( and I don't want that for anyone.

Score: 76

I stumbled upon the perfect solution to the problem of too many channels and !nothing! to watch. Turn the whole mess off and go for a walk with your wife, read, throw a tennis ball for the dogs... There are so many better things to do with your time.

Score: 75

Ten years ago we bought a home with 5 acres of pasture. I turned it into an apple, pear, peach orchard and garden area immediately after we bought it. Made my wife so mad. Now she is the one that can't wait to plant the garden. The fruit trees are starting to bear now and that has our children excited about picking the fruit. We have a little piece of heaven.

Score: 74

I heard that the Farmer's Almanac correctly predicted last year's winter, and they're predicting an even colder one this year. Prepare an emergency kit in your trunk in case you get stranded on the road like so many did last winter.

Score: 72

Way back when- the time when people did not get offended by the littlest thing.

Score: 71

Way back when if you were offended you were told to grow up!

Score: 70

Just finished my Associate's degree at 47. I will be 48 in November and now working towards my Bachelor's degree. Pray for me Unvent family, I want a PhD.

Score: 69

Winter is the best time to grill. No sweating, no bugs, and your beer stays cold!

Score: 69

Hi fives to all teachers--They go in early, stay late, teach kids who go to sleep during class because their parents let them stay up too late and deal with many discipline problems that should have been handled at home and yet most say they love teaching

Score: 69

I sure hope everyone is enjoying these beautiful fall days...just simply wonderful for anything you want to do.

Score: 68

I remember playing boxball and hopscotch in the playground before the school bell. Such a shame that now they make kids sit in a room and watch cartoons before school instead of letting them go outside to get their wiggles out!

Score: 67

I love the beach this time of year - it is all mine!

Score: 67

A lot of stations/channels SHOULD go out of business.

Score: 67

Everyday is a blessing. Nobody is promised to be here forever!

Score: 67

Going to Church for the first time since I had my emergency surgery. I have so much to thank the Good Lord for. I was so lucky

Score: 66

I never appreciated the wisdom of my parents until I became one, now they are gone & all I have are the memories.

Score: 66

The best thing about fall is the cool air, the festivals up here in North Ga. and the fall displays.

Score: 65

What are you people talking about? We grill all year. My wife still laughs when she tells about the times I've been out in rain or snow with an umbrella in one hand and tongs in the other.

Score: 65

Be careful of people approaching you when you're putting groceries or packages into your car and your head is down.

Score: 65

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