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In the reality that most of us don't recognize: if you have food, clothing and shelter every are one of the most blessed people in the world.

Score: 113

Heard this on the radio several years ago: if you have some money in the bank and some in your pocket, if you know where you next meal is coming from and you have a roof over your head, you are better off than most of the world. Be grateful.

Score: 100

My husband's grandmother was telling us how she let a woman in town do her laundry for her. I ask her how she could afford it. She said back in the late 40's if the husband was hurt or killed that the wife usually either cleaned houses or did laundry. Everyone would let them work for them even if you really didn't have the money for extras because they knew that the whole family would starve if she didn't get work. People watched out for their neighbors. We sure do need to go back to that concept.

Score: 99

Tell your son, whose coming home from Iraq, that we really appreciate his service to our country. I will continue to pray for him and all the other service men & women.

Score: 95

Instead of being snide to the poster who didn't want to go into debt at Christmas, it would've been nice to say "good for you" because she had the courage to say no instead of feeling peer pressure to spend beyond her means.

Score: 90

Being in debt and being a drain on society are two very different things. I'm in debt, but I pay my bills.

Score: 88

Was going to pick names with the rest of our church until they said gifts should be in the fifty dollar range. I sure don't have money to get my husband that expensive a gift much less someone I barely know. We are not going in debt for Christmas.

Score: 87

I am so excited. I just heard from my son that has been in Iraq for the past 6 months. He's coming home for Christmas. Thank you Jesus.

Score: 87

This year we are going to get things my parents really need. You opened my eyes to how selfish we have been. Money will be coming to them every month from all of their children. Thank you Unvent Family you made us open our eyes and our hearts.

Score: 86

My Dad drove the same Studebaker Lark from 1961 until 1985. He could have afforded to replace it, but as long as the maintenance was less than payments on a newer car, why?

Score: 85

I'd be willing to bet that at least 95% of grown children would rather spend holiday time with family rather than have some new (useless) gift.

Score: 85

School scores aren't going to improve until kids put down the elctronic junk and start reading and preparing for college. Good luck with that one.

Score: 84

It is too bad some people don't realize how much their mother does for them until she is gone. No one will ever love you as much as your mother.

Score: 84

My Mother passed away 2 weeks ago. She was such a great Lady. We were so lucky to have had her. When we were going through her things today we found she had kept every picture , letter , card from each of the children and grandchildren ,neatly stacked and in order. She loved us as much as we loved her.

Score: 84

I want to thank our grown children for understanding that we just can't afford to buy every one a Christmas present with our SS checks. What we can do is fix a really great dinner with everyone's favorites on Christmas Day.

Score: 84

You need to call your mama as often as you can...see her often.. when she is gone you will regret the missed opportunities!

Score: 83

What is a 15 year old girl doing at the Playboy Mansion in the first place?!

Score: 78

I can remember both of my parents worked in a cotton mill for 10 hours a day 6 days a week. They then had to work the garden , clean the house ,take care of the cattle , cook and take care of us. I don't see how they did it. They took such good care of us and we knew we were so loved.

Score: 76

If you cannot afford a gift for someone, that's okay. Just tell them that you'd like to change the tradition. Exchange cards. Have a potluck. Do not spend more than you have.

Score: 74

Trying to convince me to believe is not the problem. Threatening to kill me if I don't is a HUGE problem.

Score: 73

I got an unexpected refund in the mail. When I went to cash the check my wife wanted to know what we were going to do with the "free cash". We went to our Save-A-Lot store and paid for 2 families groceries. The happiness we saw in their faces was so worth it.

Score: 73

Happiness is coming home from school and finding my Mom making Christmas cookies. My sisters and I get the job of decorating the cookies. We still love to do it and we are in high school. Merry Christmas everyone.

Score: 72

When I was a kid, my four siblings and myself always received about 2 to 4 gifts from "Santa" and 1 gift from Mom and Dad. Our stockings were filled with fruit and candy canes. And my parents did not have a lot of money. But, boy did they make Christmas seem like we were rich. Truth is, a little money went a long way back then.

Score: 72

Happiness is helping my son put up Christmas lights for our elderly neighbor . They always had some of the most beautiful lights in the neighborhood. For my 15 year old to volunteer to put his lights up is just awesome. Jed, our neighbor, was so happy.

Score: 71

My husband's grandmother was telling us tonight about when she was young. They had 7 children. She had a wringer washer and hung her clothes to dry. They had a huge garden and she canned all their fruits and vegetables. They had chickens , goats , pigs , cows and a mean mule. She got to keep the money off her sales of eggs and butter. She said a lot of times that had to pay the mortgage. We don't realize how blessed we are.

Score: 69

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