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I want to thank all the EMT's everywhere for such great jobs that you do. When I found my husband unresponsive at the bottom of our stairs Saturday night they worked on him 40 minutes before they were able to take him to the hospital. The doctor told me that they literally saved his life. I can never say enough good things about y'all.

Score: 118

I wish more companies were operated on the same business principles as Chick-fil-a.

Score: 108

A million thanks, to the person that turned my purse in to the customer service desk at the Publix on Panola Rd. in Lithonia. I was already having such a weird day, and I was only gone from the store for less than 5 minutes before returning. Thank you for being so honest, because I would have done the same.

Score: 106

I get that you want my parking space. But, you have to give me enough room to back out first.

Score: 97

I want to thank the EMTs that stopped in our driveway when they saw me mowing the yard Friday. I was having a heat stroke and didn't even realize it. I wasn't making sense when I was trying to talk and had such a high fever my husband told me. They saved my life. They didn't have to stop when they went by. I would love to adopt those kind young men as my Grandsons.

Score: 94

Dear bacon, I do not care what people say about you. I will always love and support you.

Score: 94

Our neighbors left out their 2 Brittany puppies tied out on ropes in the hot sun with no water or food. When they had been out 2 hours my wife went over and brought them into our house .They both drank a bowl full of water.When our neighbors came home we took them back there.We told them what bad shape they had been in. The woman said we should take them because she was tired of trying to house train them.She even gave us their papers.. Well we are now proud owners of the 2 puppies and they are doing very well being house broken. I never thought we would have another dog again. God knew otherwise.

Score: 94

Watching the news about ISIS and their agenda to wipe "infidels" off the earth is so frightening. God help our country and God Bless our troops who are fighting to protect us!

Score: 92

If, by dead animal flesh you are referring to steak, fish, chicken...then we eat it because it's yummy.

Score: 87

If you're a vegetarian, good for you. Just realize that some of us are not and will keep eating meat...and REALLY enjoying it!

Score: 86

Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.

Score: 84

I love hearing all these old expression, Southern or otherwise. It was sure a nicer way to express yourself than the vulgar expressions I hear people saying today.

Score: 82

Happiness is seeing my husband walking out of the hospital on his own. He has been in for 2 months and for a while it was hour by hour.Thank you North Side Hospital doctors and nurses for being so professional and caring.

Score: 80

R.I.P Truett Cathy. You leave a legacy of integrity and faith.

Score: 77

I have a friend who never smoked or drank alcohol. But the man she was married to did. She has never in her entire 70 years had much more than a cold. Recently she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. She is strong with a wonderful support group. Please include Lois when you pray.

Score: 77

I kind of wish there were a pub-like bar in our neighborhood, and I don't even drink! It would be so nice to have a place to stop in for an hour and see your friends without having to clean your house & have them over for dinner. Someplace just to socialize a bit and then go home.

Score: 76

I think the bars people went to with their fathers as kids were likely neighborhood joints or places like the Elks or American Legion, where your dad knew everyone. Not seedy places. They served the same purpose as pubs in England - your friends were there.

Score: 76

Don't honk at me if I don 't pull out the second the light turns green. I'd rather make sure no one is running a red light instead of gaining a few seconds.

Score: 74

When I first moved to the South I found Southernisms very charming. Mash a button (instead of potatoes), fixing to leave, fix dinner (is it broken?), might oughtta'. My Northern cousin heard me say y'all and couldn't believe her ears. Yes, I have learned to speak Southern and love it!

Score: 74

I wasn't born in the South, but I got here as quick as I could.

Score: 72

Some men keep promises, rain or shine.

Score: 72

Truett Cathy is proof, there is life after death. His example of giving back will forever be a goal for many business men and women in the future.

Score: 71

I much prefer the shaved head to the old comb overs of the past. Hats off the modern men.

Score: 71

Hate to tell the "YOUNG VENTER" 60 is not old at all. Hopefully you will make it there one day.

Score: 71

"Vegetarian" An old Indian word for "bad hunter" !

Score: 69

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