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Yes, that is correct. Publix and Chick-fil-A are businesses and close whenever they get good & ready. If you don't like that, go elsewhere. Problem solved. Employees need time off on holidays, too.

Score: 123

People don't realize what it's like for Alzheimer patients. It's not just forgetting who people are, it's forgetting how to use the bathroom, how to eat, even how to swallow their food. It's very exhausting for the caregivers.

Score: 113

The idea of businesses being closed on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas sounds GREAT to me!

Score: 105

About fifty or so years ago, no stores opened on Sunday---and we managed to survive.

Score: 103

My mom died of Alzheimer's. Now my husband has begun showing the same symptoms. Please remember me in your prayers. I wasn't always good to her and I want to do better by my husband.

Score: 96

I am going in for surgery tomorrow. I am just glad I won't have to drink any more of that horrible liquid used for X-Rays. About 8AM tomorrow please send a little prayer for me. I'm scared.

Score: 94

Thanks to all the businesses who close on the big holidays. Their employees deserve to share these days with their families.

Score: 93

Publix and Chick fil a are privately owned and as such they can choose to be open or closed anytime they choose. Religious or not. Same reasoning goes for 24 hours you want everyone opened 24/7 for you?

Score: 88

First date with my husband he invited me to the dollar movie theater with dinner at Wendy's. He couldn't help that he was broke. I fell in love with his personality, warmth and character. We have been married ten years now and sometimes we are still broke but we are still in love and very happy.

Score: 87

There are no words, for a son that would tell a parent they have to pay to see the grandchildren.

Score: 86

I want to thank God for providing so much beauty on earth and allowing me to appreciate seeing it.

Score: 85

Some of the most dangerous and poisionus snakes stand upright on two legs and they are everywhere, especially in politics.

Score: 84

Easter is not about new clothes. Or eggs. Or bunnies. Doesn't anyone remember what it's really about?

Score: 84

The weather on Easter Sunday was absolutely gorgeous.

Score: 83

What right does your manager have to tell you that you can't get a second job, especially if it doesn't interfere with the first one? I'm on your side!

Score: 83

I will be keeping little Tripp Halstead in my thoughts and prayers even more on Tuesday. He is having his tonsils and adenoids removed. That child has been such a survivor and his family absolutely amaze me. God Bless all of you !! Stacy and Bill - hang in there.......

Score: 80

I thought it was great when my parents quit buying me presents! Now I buy them presents, start paying them back for all they've done for me. (it will never be enough)

Score: 78

The light from the sun reacts with wet sheets drying in the wind to create an aroma which is unforgettable to every child who is privileged to experience it.

Score: 78

How come my Subway sandwich never looks like the ones on TV?

Score: 77

Sorry folks-I'm OK with the traditions and all that, BUT, Easter is'nt about eggs & bunnies and stuff: He is risen!

Score: 76

No one has to tell me I'm not to charge personal charges to my company/govt etc issued card. It's stealing plain & simple. You only pay it back to avoid jail.

Score: 76

Please pray for the victims at the Overland Park Jewish Community Center.

Score: 75

Wife of 53 years recovered enough from surgery to go out for lunch and shop for a new Easter dress.Thank you Lord.

Score: 75

What kind of job do you have where your manager has the right to tell you what you cannot do when you aren't on his clock?

Score: 74

You can never do enough for your parents and you don't realize it until they are gone.

Score: 73

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