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I want to thank all the EMT's everywhere for such great jobs that you do. When I found my husband unresponsive at the bottom of our stairs Saturday night they worked on him 40 minutes before they were able to take him to the hospital. The doctor told me that they literally saved his life. I can never say enough good things about y'all.

Score: 116

16 year old grandson spent the day with me.Cut grass,trimmed hedges,repaired lawn mower and changed oil.Went to youth meeting at church.All teens aren't bad.

Score: 106

A little attention-getting pop on the behind is a far cry from a beating.

Score: 97

I get that you want my parking space. But, you have to give me enough room to back out first.

Score: 95

Spanking, not hitting OR abusing, children teaches them that there are unpleasant consequences for unacceptable behavior.

Score: 95

I am the 9th of 10 children,I am 67 years old,we were whipped at home and we were whipped at school.Now that was in Tennessee,we grew up saying yes madam and no madam,and yes sir and no sir.And when an old person entered the room man or woman,we got up and gave them our seats.And none of us have spent a single night in jail.

Score: 95

Cashier taking my check at Home Depot and looking at my veteran's license ask,sir are you a veteran? She gave me an automatic 10% off for my service.Thanks Home Depot.

Score: 94

Our neighbors left out their 2 Brittany puppies tied out on ropes in the hot sun with no water or food. When they had been out 2 hours my wife went over and brought them into our house .They both drank a bowl full of water.When our neighbors came home we took them back there.We told them what bad shape they had been in. The woman said we should take them because she was tired of trying to house train them.She even gave us their papers.. Well we are now proud owners of the 2 puppies and they are doing very well being house broken. I never thought we would have another dog again. God knew otherwise.

Score: 92

I know this is a bit heavy for the unvent. But let us pray for the welfare of both Americans who have become infected with the ebola virus,as well as their families. Also pray for the staff that have and will come in contact with them,that they will be safe.

Score: 92

Watching the news about ISIS and their agenda to wipe "infidels" off the earth is so frightening. God help our country and God Bless our troops who are fighting to protect us!

Score: 91

Real parents know the difference between a butt whuppin and abuse!

Score: 90

I have been giving our neighbor vegetables out of our garden all season long. The father lost his job and they are really hurting. My husband has hired him to help clean up our pastures and pays him extremely well. Every little bit helps when you need work. I pray they get back on their feet soon.They are such good people.

Score: 89

I just looked up "fix" in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. One of the definitions is "to get ready or prepare". It gives the example, "fix lunch". The poster was correct in using "fix" in her post. You may apologize any time for being overly critical. And try to calm down.

Score: 84

I remember when I got my first job. I was a waitress at Shoney's in Marietta and made $.75 an hour.I bought groceries with my check and paid rent and utilities and car payment with my tips.I worked 5 years there while my husband studied for his degree. When he graduated I went back to school.I learned a lot of great things while being a waitress that helped me through life.

Score: 84

My horse and I won first place at my first horse show this weekend. Sorry to be bragging but this 70 year old Granny is so excited and I didn't have anyone else to tell. Thank you Mark (my Grandson). Hadn't been that excited in a while.

Score: 82

Happiness is seeing my husband walking out of the hospital on his own. He has been in for 2 months and for a while it was hour by hour.Thank you North Side Hospital doctors and nurses for being so professional and caring.

Score: 79

Children who had a paddle or switch used on them got a bad reaction .It was called respect for elders.

Score: 77

To "We were expected to do chores from the time we could walk. It made us such a close family." Too true. Amazing how many people don't expect their kids to do chores because they're "too young". No such thing. And it improves their language skills and fine motor skills too. Not to mention sense of accomplishment and responsibility.

Score: 77

There are lots of jobs in electronics, IT, plumbing and more that don't require a college education but pay more than many college graduates will ever make. Exactly, it's called skilled labor and we need them as much as we need doctors, lawyers and bankers!!

Score: 77

It is NEVER a mistake to offer someone a helping hand. And some of the greatest regrets of my 65 years are times when I had the opportunity and failed to take action.

Score: 76

I think the bars people went to with their fathers as kids were likely neighborhood joints or places like the Elks or American Legion, where your dad knew everyone. Not seedy places. They served the same purpose as pubs in England - your friends were there.

Score: 75

Came home from work today to find my wife had cooked most of the day for me. She fixed BBQ ribs, fried potatoes,onions and squash,Cole slaw,sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. For dessert we had banana pudding. I think I died and went to heaven. Love you Margie. The best wife in the world.

Score: 74

I kind of wish there were a pub-like bar in our neighborhood, and I don't even drink! It would be so nice to have a place to stop in for an hour and see your friends without having to clean your house & have them over for dinner. Someplace just to socialize a bit and then go home.

Score: 72

In a larger sense, sometimes the refusal to spank a child that needs a greater form of child abuse; because of the sorrow a spoiled, entitled attitude brings to one's life in abundance if it becomes ingrained and un-corrected.

Score: 72

Regardless of whether those jobs require a college education, you still need to know how to read.

Score: 72

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