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A huge thank you to all of the power company men and women who worked long and hard to restore power to so many people.

Score: 103

I figure that my parents have spent more than enough on me just raising me. Why would I expect an inheritance ? Now a little keepsake I would like but money it doesn't matter. I want them to enjoy their last years not worry about us.

Score: 100

I would rather my Mother be happy than leave me money.

Score: 100

Today is my Great Grand Mother's 102th birthday. She is absolutely amazing. Though she walks very slowly now and is frail her mind is just as sharp as ever and she has a great sense of humor. God must really love her.

Score: 96

A tour of duty in the military would do a number of kids good. This generation is spoiled and lazy.

Score: 94

I have been married for over 45 years. We have never made much of Valentine's Day. We usually had more important things to do with our money. But I am blessed with a husband who is funny, kind, helpful and affectionate every day. It is the day to day living that counts, not just one day once in a while.

Score: 86

No one in public office should be receiving gifts of any kind, They have a job, they receive a paycheck. Period Anything other than that stinks to high Heaven.

Score: 84

I couldn't believe that our daughter is mad that we are finally taking a cruise. It's like we are blowing her money. She might as well get use to it. We don't have to go without to put more money in our will.

Score: 84

Growing old beats the alternative of dying young.

Score: 84

Since I started reading my Bible and praying before I go to work I have so much less stress in my life. Even my co-workers have noticed it. Thank you Jesus for helping this poor old sinner.

Score: 82

My husband wants us to buy a big house. I have no desire to get a bigger house just because our friends are buying them. I like having some money left at the end of the month.

Score: 80

I always think how far that wedding expense money would go toward giving a couple a head start on their marriage.

Score: 75

Our daughter is planning on a June camping marriage. I had never heard of it before. She told us that since they don't have much money and we certainly don't that all of us are going camping for a week and their friend who happens to be our preacher is going to marry them. There will be a BBQ and party afterward. Sounds good to me.

Score: 74

I made a big pot of potato soup this morning. I had forgotten how easy it was to fix and how good it was. I took half of it to our elderly neighbors along with some garlic toast. We like to keep an eye on them. Make sure they are all right.

Score: 74

Our state legislatures are cutting benefits for all part time state employees with the exception of themselves. Our state legislatures and the lobbyist are splitting cost of extensive dinners to get under the gift cap (which should be illegal). It is clear these guys at not representing the people of the state but rather themselves and their friends. When will this un-ethical and self serving attitude stop?

Score: 73

If you are going to bash a police officer, you need to move to the Vent. Here in the Unvent we love and appreciate police officers.

Score: 72

I got my first Service Dog this week. She can tell me when I'm about to have a seizure. We had to go to New York to get her and she was well worth it.

Score: 71

Mayor Reed and his anger are disturbing

Score: 71

Met a couple of older gentlemen with "World War ll veteran" caps on today.Thanked them for their service and sacrifice.They simply said "you bet".Class all the way.

Score: 71

Your daughter has a good head on her shoulders. Weddings should be happy occasions and not overly expensive if you cannot afford it.

Score: 68

Our daughter has just gotten out of the Army. She went from a whinny little teenager that wouldn't do a thing for herself to a very self confident Nurse that is not scared of work.

Score: 68

Well look at that. Top aides to our governor get raises while bus drivers lose their health insurance. Our state leaders really do care about the people....Not!

Score: 68

Our whole subdivision is mourning the passing of Sammy, a West High Land Terrier, that was our neighbors. Sammy went everyday to visit nearly everyone of us for the last 14 years. He seemed to know when everyone got home and was there waiting for you with his tail wagging. We just loved him. He was a perfect dog. He will be missed.

Score: 68

All those hot flashes I wasted last summer. I wish I had saved some for today.

Score: 68

I can do without mail for a lot longer than I can do without electricity or heat.

Score: 67

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