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In Canada a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun.

Score: 865

I'm doomed. I'm 66 years old and as a child I ate real butter and drank water from a garden hose.

Score: 776

I'm sorry, but if someone commits a crime they should be punished - even if they are "sympathetic" and have a family. What about the families affected by their crimes.

Score: 776

I'm a Ga. native, and I've never watched Honey boo boo. Please folks, they will only go away if you quit watching. Makes us look stupid.

Score: 717

If the Honor Guard at our Tomb of the Unknowns is carrying an unloaded rifle like the Canadian soldier who was murdered, that should change today.

Score: 703

I didn't think Mama June and her family could embarrass the state of Georgia any more than they had. I was so wrong.

Score: 683

Sadly, some people are already so biased that they cannot look at the facts only to determine guilt or innocence.

Score: 671

What bugs me as much about singers who do not know the words to the National Anthem is that so many of them try to sing it like a pop or blues song by adding their own artistic touch to it. Folks that ain't what it is.

Score: 647

If a nurse who is so compassionate for fellow humans and fighting the Ebola virus in another country, why fight being quarantined to protect us?

Score: 616

Wouldn't it be wonderful if just one day went by with no news about Hollywood types?

Score: 610

I was quarantined in Atlanta when I had mennigitis. Folks, it is NO BIG DEAL. You just do it to protect others.

Score: 595

I simply do not understand why, whoever is in charge of selecting people to sing the national anthem, will not at least make sure that they know the words.

Score: 531

If I'm a health care worker who has been anywhere close to ebola, I will gladly go into isolation. I care that much about others.

Score: 522

Now the Falcons are embarrassing us on other continents.

Score: 510

Just fire all the people that participated in the APS scandal. They proved they are cheaters. They would fail kids that did it!

Score: 500

When are we ever going to learn to stop having "celebrities" sing our national anthem? They make mish-mash out of the anthem, and make themselves look like even bigger idiots than they actually are!! It is disgusting to have to witness.

Score: 493

If you have no cars in front and a line behind, it's a good bet that the ones behind didn't just want to practice being in a parade.

Score: 483

I'm super-doomed: I rode a bicycle without a helmet, ran around barefooted in red clay all summer, waded in neighborhood creeks and had lead paint on nearly every painted surface in my home!

Score: 467

Hey, politicians, negative advertisements work only on the ignorant, the gullible, and the stupid. The rest of us look at the we know when you're lying. Liars will NOT get MY vote!

Score: 463

Just because you car is fancier than mine does it doesn't entitle you to cut in front of everyone at the exit ramp

Score: 455

Headline reads, 'GA inmates underfed", to that I say, Tough!

Score: 442

Never did see Honey Boo Boo, but if Mama June will date a child molester, it needs to be Honey Bye Bye. Take her kids.

Score: 436

The hypocrisy in the APS cheating scandal is stupid. Cheaters cheat. Get rid of them.

Score: 424

Justice is justice, even if you don't like the result.

Score: 424

All of our military should be armed wherever they go, hence the name Armed forces!

Score: 410

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