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More people are out of work but unemployment is down. The people remaining in the workforce are making less now than 4 years ago. Economic growth is flat and our international image weak and timid. Our people are divided and distrust outweighs brotherhood.

Score: 896

Parents need to parent their children, not be their friends.

Score: 831

The oil companies blame conflict in Ukraine for price increases. I get the feeling that if two guys got into a fight in a bar in Germany they would raise oil prices, you know any excuse.

Score: 772

I can't believe someone could NOT understand what Beverly Hall did. She encourage and sponsored cheating for profit at the expense of children. Clear enough for you?

Score: 712

My sister asked her 4 year old son to place his bowl in the kitchen sink then he can get some chips. Instead, he told her no; she placed the bowl in the sink and gave him some chips. Great parenting. Not!!!!

Score: 698

Capt. Herb and Lewis Grizzard are two people who made Atlanta a much easier city in which to live because they made us laugh, even at difficult times.

Score: 692

The trial starts next week for the bully that hurt the Parkview student. I hope we don't get a panty waist Judge. This kid needs to be taught a lesson.

Score: 638

Scary how government is adding taxes and raising the burden rates of taxpayers to give to the non-taxpayers. The animals are now running the zoo.

Score: 632

Bicyclists will have the same rights as drivers when they license their bikes, pay road taxes and follow the same rules as the rest of us.

Score: 609

Beverly Hall didn't murder anyone, but she willfully dumbed down the school districe to make herself look good.

Score: 609

Beverly Hall, you had your chance to make amends, now it's time to pay the piper.

Score: 598

We can move the Braves to Cobb, move two churches to accommodate the Falcons, open a streetcar to nowhere, but cannot build/open a northern arc to keep all the through traffic out of the 75/85 corridor to ease the commute.

Score: 593

Beverly Hall may not have murdered anyone but she sure screwed up lots of people's lives and then had the gall to say she wouldn't admit to anything! At the very least, the judge needs to demand she appear before him within 24 hours so he can see what she looks like for himself.

Score: 566

Did you see how the ranchers stood up to the Federal gov't this weekend? This is what we ALL need to do. Enough is enough!

Score: 560

I must be getting old. I remember when CNN actually reported news.

Score: 532

As a cynic I believe very strongly, that politicians are whores and lobbyists are there clients.

Score: 503

People, did you skip class in elementary school the day they taught how and when to use an apostrophe? We have an entire society of illiterates.

Score: 491

Captain Herb was the only good thing about rush hour....

Score: 484

If there is such a tech shortage why aren't they training the laid--off tech workers the new skills? Why bring in foreigners?

Score: 480

Hey bike much did your license, tag, insurance and tax cost? Ignorance (and arrogance) is bliss.

Score: 477

Bicyclist are an elitist group....they know the road rules because they drive them everyday in their cars, but on their Bikes they think they are beyond reproach!

Score: 466

I hope the parents who brought their non-stop coughing child to see The Lion King at The Fox enjoyed the show, because no one sitting around them did.

Score: 462

Yes, Beverly Hall should stand trial.. regardless of her health issues.

Score: 462

You're correct. The Ukraine isn't the reason for higher gas prices. We import very little form that region. It's an excuse for the Speculators, on Wall-Street, to shaft the average person in lieu of making more money.

Score: 452

Glad to see the judge is making the Michael Jackson family pay for $800,000 legal fees in the lawsuit they lost against the concert promoter. Maybe that will be an end to their greed, but probably not.

Score: 452

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