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Far too many people define "justice" as "getting the results we want" rather than "impartial, objective, and appropriate results based on facts".

Score: 834

I like the convenience of paying the ad valorem tax on my car up front so I can finance it at horribly interest rates. I finally paid it off and want to give it to my 25 year old son. Now he has to pay ad valorem taxes again based on book value. Shouldn't an item be taxed only once?

Score: 821

Poor Dekalb County! They cannot field a jury that has sense enough to convict a crook.

Score: 744

In Canada a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun.

Score: 702

I'm sorry, but if someone commits a crime they should be punished - even if they are "sympathetic" and have a family. What about the families affected by their crimes.

Score: 648

Once you've voted early, you should be able to block all the political ads.

Score: 631

Nice to see a player break a huge record and not be covered in tatoos.

Score: 600

If the Honor Guard at our Tomb of the Unknowns is carrying an unloaded rifle like the Canadian soldier who was murdered, that should change today.

Score: 591

Sadly, some people are already so biased that they cannot look at the facts only to determine guilt or innocence.

Score: 580

You can tell a lot about people by the way they treat their animals.

Score: 572

I'd LOVE to hear a candidate's "opinions and goals" - but instead they just trash-talk each other - how does that help me make and informed decision?

Score: 567

The reason why we average folks are just now hearing about cash payments for unused vacation and sick leave is because it's reeks of a lack of ethics and the Mayor preferred it stayed quiet. It is a big deal Mr. Mayor and I hope it comes back to haunt you.

Score: 548

Mr Mayor - what is so stinkin secret about city payments that you can't release them to our elected officials? We are beginning to not trust you!

Score: 530

Vacation and sick days are meant to allow an employee time off and not as a bonus program.

Score: 529

Wouldn't it be wonderful if just one day went by with no news about Hollywood types?

Score: 523

They need to do something to rescind the sale of that condo for $95 in back taxes. They even admit the notice hadn't gone to the owner because of an incomplete address on the envelope.

Score: 510

Were those changing signs on 285 really needed or just make work for highway contractors who contribute big bucks to politicians.

Score: 468

DOT please remove the variable speed limit signs. The flow of traffic dictates the speed limit, not a sign.

Score: 450

Landscapers and lawn maintenance people need to pick up leaves instead of blowing them into the street. Don't be so lazy!!

Score: 437

I finally get to the front of the line, and the sales associate answers the phone and starts helping that customer, leaving me standing there. Dang!

Score: 428

Definition of a death wish: two people, dressed in dark colors at night on a moped, doing 25 on a multi-lane 45MPH highway.

Score: 426

Today, while crossing a street in the crosswalk, I was almost hit by a car driven by a woman to intent on her cell phone conversation to be concerned with something as pedestrian as a pedestrian.

Score: 423

How can a police chief "give up hundreds of hours" of vacation a year. Just how much does he get and why?

Score: 416

$80K for tuning in unused vacation time? How much time was that exactly, Mr. Mayor?

Score: 409

At a four-way stop, please take your turn and get yourself out of the way!!

Score: 393

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