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I support the 2nd Amendment, and I have sympathy for that man's family, but no legitimate shooting instructor would have allowed that child access to that powerful a weapon, much less turned it to "full auto" after 1 test shot. Rights come with responsibilities!

Score: 1096

Teaching a child to fire a weapon he or she isn't strong enough to handle is like teaching them to drive a Ferrari when their feet can't even reach the pedals.

Score: 806

Now a 9 yr old girl will carry guilt for the rest of her life due to the stupidity of adults. Sad.

Score: 762

Please give me a real reason a 9 year old needs to know how to fire a machine gun.

Score: 733

Why is it so difficult to implement controls and oversight for the expense accounts and purchasing cards of government officials and employees? This is a non-issue in the private sector! They do make cards that prevent certain purchases....

Score: 704

It is truly impossible to hold your pants up and do the "hands up" stuff at the same time.

Score: 662

What is there about public officials that makes them have the mind set that they are above the law, they are sworn to up hold?

Score: 643

Why do people think it's okay to not RSVP and then show up with extra people to a catered sit down dinner!

Score: 579

A baby thrown in a dumpster, a toddler left abandoned behind a dumpster!!!! What is wrong with you women who have children and throw them away like they were a fast food bag? If you don't want your children I will give my address and just bring them to me and I will see they have a wonderful life!

Score: 576

Once and for all! It's pretty simple, unless you're a simpleton. The left lane was, is and always has been THE PASSING LANE!! And NO ONE has designated YOU to be the Pace-Car Driver!!!

Score: 529

The rush to judgement in the Ferguson Mo, case illustrates the reason we have our judicial system. Regardless of the outcome some people will be angry, it just remains to be seen which way that anger is directed.

Score: 521

A white Van passed me on the left when I stopped for a Bus with its Stop sign up and kids exiting it....the Van just kept going. Pay attention folks and slow yourselves down before innocent people are killed!

Score: 519

Taking driver's ed in high school reduced one's insurance premium. Did that make one stupid? Think before you post.

Score: 519

Why is it ok for people to come to the USA to make more money but it is not ok for Burger King to go to Canada to make more money? And Burger King is doing it legally!

Score: 487

Drivers Ed in schools? We need Drivers Ed for current drivers!

Score: 481

When I slow down in a school zone with the yellow lights flashing, why are people passing me and making angry faces towards me?

Score: 457

The real problem is that drivers' ed is NOT taught in schools anymore!

Score: 455

The most dangerous drivers on the road are the ones that do not know the traffic laws such as who has the right of way at a four way stop, how to enter and exit a round a bout, etc, etc.

Score: 453

People do not RSVP and then show up with extra people because they are thoughtless drones with manners to match.

Score: 428

Why oh why do people think it's cute to take a picture sticking your tongue out?

Score: 408

Were the females on MTV last night singers or strippers?

Score: 405

More deaths are caused by traffic accidents than by guns. Shouldn't we require more limits on who can drive?

Score: 403

Anyone that allows a nine year old to fire an Uzi is a moron! Anyone that defends the activity or votes down this Vent is also a moron!

Score: 396

Halfwit: a person who's opinions are formed from listening to only one side of an argument.

Score: 363

Brad and Angelina have finally wed. Oh, thank goodness! Now I can sleep at night.

Score: 357

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