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You say "working people should not have to live in poverty", and I say able bodied people should not be on welfare.

Score: 968

I am middle class and have worked very hard to get and keep my middle class status. I want nothing from the wealthy, but I do want politicians to leave the middle class alone. Every time they want to "help" the middle class, the middle class ends up getting the shaft.

Score: 767

We were told that the price of groceries had increased due to higher fuel cost. When can we expect to see the cost of food decrease due to lower gas prices?

Score: 766

If you want to raise taxes on corporations and the top 1%, you just go right ahead, but stop sticking it to the middle class. I'm tired of paying the freight for the welfare crowd.

Score: 575

When any government takes away my ability to speak freely with my doctor about all my medical options, that government has taken away my right to free speech.

Score: 559

If the economy has recovered can we reduce umployment back to 26 weeks instead of 99?

Score: 488

Parents: your kids learn to be self-centered, intolerant, lawbreakers by the way you drive and act. Don't complain when they get arrested - you taught them to be who they are.

Score: 481

I don't mind the rich having money IF they earned it legally. I would like to earn more money myself.

Score: 471

Networks FYI: I will NOT be watching ANY program that you so rudely keep posted on the bottom of the screen blocking out the program I am currently watching. That's what commercials are for!

Score: 464

When those able bodied people are working, and yet still on welfare, we have a problem.

Score: 461

Why is the Congress getting involved with inflationgate? Aren't there more serious problems in the world? Iran's nuclear program, ISIS atrocities, Palestine turmoil, Russian aggressiveness?

Score: 455

YOU may not like Fox News, but they got the numbers to show you how many do.

Score: 428

Here is a novel idea. How about you do your job and let me do mine instead of expecting me to do yours and telling me how to do mine?

Score: 424

Working people should not have to live in poverty.

Score: 422

Am I the only person who is just a bit concerned to hear politicians use phrases like, "A trillion dollars just doesn't buy what it used to."?

Score: 401

Wrigley Field turned 100 years old in 2014. They are "tweeking" the ball park by adding new seats and other amenities. The Braves could have done the same & saved the tax payers of Cobb millions!

Score: 387

History is fact. Just because you choose to interpret the facts to fit the way you want history to be, it doesn't change history.

Score: 378

I have no idea whether or not the Patriots deflated footballs. If they did, why did not any official or referee notice the difference? They handle the ball after every play.

Score: 374

We push electric cars to reduce carbon and we then raise the cost of electricity by outlawing coal increasing the cost of natural gas. We oppose nuclear power as dangerous. We oppose new dams as they hurt some fish. We oppose wind because the are ugly and kill birds, then we say "Why aren't you doing something?"

Score: 370

Remember the days when we had insurance and it paid for going to the doctor? Yeah, me, too (sigh).

Score: 368

The difference between genius and stupid - there is a limit to genius!

Score: 365

Simply abiding by the tax law is not a loophole, i take advantage of some myself.

Score: 357

People, cross walks are there for a reason, use them, not darting across the street wherever you feel like it. Crazy.

Score: 355

Wrigley Field is a classic baseball stadium. Something Atlanta would not understand.

Score: 339

I am being driven nuts by those companies I call for service who read from a required script .I ask a question and get double talk . They are evasive and refuse to listen or answer .Who or what is in charge of this and why.?

Score: 337

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