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You'd have better luck convincing Red Sox fans to root for the Yankees than to get Middle Eastern countries to get along.

Score: 700

Why is it so difficult to implement controls and oversight for the expense accounts and purchasing cards of government officials and employees? This is a non-issue in the private sector! They do make cards that prevent certain purchases....

Score: 698

It is truly impossible to hold your pants up and do the "hands up" stuff at the same time.

Score: 655

What is there about public officials that makes them have the mind set that they are above the law, they are sworn to up hold?

Score: 620

To the person who said they were "tired" of the ice bucket challenge: I'm tired of people dying from ALS like my mom did. This challenge has raised a lot of awareness and money so hopefully a cure will be found.

Score: 592

To the "gentleman" who threw the bag of trash from his lunch out the window on I-20 this afternoon: Next time, consider who is going to clean it up!

Score: 564

Outlet stores of today are not the same as outlet stores of a few decades ago. They are essentially selling you lower quality with the designer label on it.

Score: 538

Taking driver's ed in high school reduced one's insurance premium. Did that make one stupid? Think before you post.

Score: 516

Tired of the ice bucket challenge...and selfies.

Score: 510

The rush to judgement in the Ferguson Mo, case illustrates the reason we have our judicial system. Regardless of the outcome some people will be angry, it just remains to be seen which way that anger is directed.

Score: 502

To the lady going exactly the speed limit in the left lane down PIB, I would have to say that YOU are the hazard. Everyone is trying to get around you and getting irritated. Haven't you noticed the big line of cars behind you? Or are you too busy talking on your cell phone?

Score: 491

People focusing more on their cellphone conversation than their 2-ton vehicle propelling forward at 45+ MPH rolling freely on asphalt are herein the real problem.

Score: 488

Why is it ok for people to come to the USA to make more money but it is not ok for Burger King to go to Canada to make more money? And Burger King is doing it legally!

Score: 481

Ferguson,Mo. reminds me of the L.A. riots and the burning of Watts.Watts never recovered.

Score: 453

The most dangerous drivers on the road are the ones that do not know the traffic laws such as who has the right of way at a four way stop, how to enter and exit a round a bout, etc, etc.

Score: 450

When I slow down in a school zone with the yellow lights flashing, why are people passing me and making angry faces towards me?

Score: 444

Were the females on MTV last night singers or strippers?

Score: 397

Why oh why do people think it's cute to take a picture sticking your tongue out?

Score: 394

For all the venters wanting to pay more taxes: Go ahead the government will gladly allow you to pay more than the required amount.

Score: 377

Good driving is common sense and courtesy, not what you think you learned in high school.

Score: 376

Those wanting to pay higher taxes and have the government squander it, go for it. No one is holding you back.

Score: 361

Halfwit: a person who's opinions are formed from listening to only one side of an argument.

Score: 358

Most overused word of the year is "selfie".

Score: 357

Most elderly drivers are superior with respect to accident data. They are not high on Adderall, Ritalin, and caffeine either.

Score: 324

Those of us who are tired of the ice bucket challenge are grateful for the money raised, but fed up with the endless "selfies" and media attention. Raise the money, stop being so arrogant about it, and move on.

Score: 321

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