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What is congress doing involved in a NFL media problem. They can't handle their own problems

Score: 1312

If you'd ever actually been in a foreign classroom you'd realize that they have an expectation of discipline and teachers will take action. Kind of like the way it was in the good old days. Therein lies our problem.

Score: 1113

You can reward good behavior to you're blue in the face. Sometimes a kid just needs a good swat on the bum to really catch their attention. There's a difference between a spanking and a beating.

Score: 845

Parents, wake up! Your kids aren't as smart as you think they are. They need to work harder, behave in class, and pay attention. Stop making excuses for them and actually help the teachers!

Score: 816

To the person who asked why the women's restroom line is always longer than the men's: how have you made it this far in life without knowing the answer to that? Please don't vote.

Score: 692

Spend some time in a public school before you criticize the teachers. We are up against absurdity!

Score: 675

The fact that Mayor Reed is willing to use public funds to keep the Hawks in Atlanta, yet no funds were offered to retain the Thrashers or the Braves, speaks volumes. Draw your own conclusion.

Score: 656

People leave their garbage on the ground, their dirty towels on the counter, don't flush toilets, and drive or walk down the middle of a two way lane. Are they too uneducated to know better or do they just feel entitled?

Score: 624

It seems my parents were child abusers, but God they were GREAT parents.

Score: 618

Tell me again what the United Nations does! They obviously don't do anything about terrorists, or an Ebola epidemic. Why does the U.S. give them hundreds of millions of dollars every year?

Score: 597

What's good for me, should be good for the politicians also. Send your kids to public schools; live in the district you represent; get paid by the hours you work and be held accountable when you lie or cheat the Government.

Score: 589

Ladies, talking on your cell phone in the bathroom stall is just plain disgusting.

Score: 565

Many fast food workers have gone on to become restaurant owners -- all due to their early training and work ethic (missing with most today).

Score: 562

Suntrust has plenty of money to buy a statium name but none to pay reasonable interest on savings or checking accounts.

Score: 512

We should be more worried about the terrorist coming into the U. S. through our open borders than fighting ISIS terrorist in Iraq and Syria.

Score: 504

Congress is back in session just waiting until their next vacation.

Score: 476

We complain about too many children raised w/o discipline. We complain about parents that discipline their kids. Is this a great country or what?

Score: 471

We love our 15 year old house, with formica countertops-- and NO mortgage.

Score: 466

A boy shot in his sleep for his shoe collection. A young man is murdered for is video game. Do these idiot killers think there won't be a day of reckoning?

Score: 461

My car is over twenty years old and has working blinkers.

Score: 445

So Cobb County kids have been back to school for FIVE weeks and the poor dears need a WEEK OFF? I think I know why Education is failing in Georgia....

Score: 426

Zuckerberg buys all the houses around his to form an impenetrable border, but tells us we shouldn't be allowed to form and protect the border of the country we own. What a hypocrite!

Score: 420

Hey, guy staring down at his phone in stop-n-go traffic, you are about to hit....oops.

Score: 405

Americans, say a prayer today for those who died on .9/11.

Score: 392

The nincompoops that leave their shopping carts scattered throughout the parking lot of grocery stores, malls, etc. should be prohibited from shopping in the stores that provide this convenience.

Score: 372

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