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Having a degree doesn't keep you from being an idiot.

Score: 746

If your main claim to fame is showing us your ass, you may just be one.

Score: 679

The music I grew up with didn't talk about killing people, using drugs or treating women like garbage. Wake up and listen to what is being might learn something.

Score: 601

As a teacher I can tell you that too many parents are as clueless about their children's education as they are about whether they are properly dressed.

Score: 567

"WHAT is wrong with these people?" Simple, they have had no parenting, no values or morals, no home training, no education. Get it?

Score: 541

You just can't educate stupid out of some people.

Score: 535

I believe people should live their lives as they see fit. However, the very instant that a person becomes a parent, that all changes. From that point forward, it is no longer about YOU! It's all about doing whatever is necessary to provide for the child.

Score: 525

One of my favorite aunts just passed away. I told the family it was hard for me to cry for her. Because every time I think of her I start to smile and laugh. Great memories!

Score: 497

So happy that they captured the inhumane individual that killed the elderly lady in her home. May he get ALL that's befitting an uncaring drug infested brain like his.

Score: 478

Boys and men alike, listen up! You should treat every female like she was your sister, mother or grandmother. With respect! Like someone you would never want to hurt. If you can't understand this. Go get yourself some serious Man-Training! And stay HOME until you do!

Score: 476

Some leaders bring people together some bring fear and division. Some leaders look to the good of the country some leaders look to the good of the party.

Score: 462

Can you imagine, God looking down on all these people fighting and killing in the name of religion? He's probably saying, What Idiots!!!!!

Score: 412

AT&T, please do not have your salesmen knock on my door at 6 o'clock at night. If I'm interested in your products, I know exactly how to contact you.

Score: 407

If your invitation is for YOU, that does not give you the freedom to invite 2 or 3 friends! What part of manners or common sense do you not understand?

Score: 406

Where do these marketing people get their degrees that think people will buy anything being sold by telemarketers on the phone. Totally ignoring the do-not-call list. Never!

Score: 379

My dad spent worked hard his whole life as a carpenter supporting a family of five. When my subdivision was under construction, you couldn't find anyone who even spoke English most of the time. Consider all the American carpenters who can't support their families anymore.

Score: 350

No, parents do not have a CLUE. What's worse, is they don't care....just ask any teacher who is trying to help raise other people's kids and turn them into educated, decent adults.

Score: 348

Why oh why are people Just now coming up with alligations against Mr.Cosby? If it Really happened,why wait 10-20 yrs and then accuse him?

Score: 336

If you think the War on Drugs stops people from using drugs, ask yourself if Alcohol Prohibition kept people from drinking. Drug and alcohol abusive are problems, but government only makes these problems worse.

Score: 308

Well looks like another amnesty again. I wonder how many more will sneak across the boarder waiting for the next amnesty. Thanks Obama, I'm sending them to live with you.

Score: 303

20 degrees outside and the high school kids are in shorts and flip flops. Do you parents even have a clue about what they're wearing, much less any other aspect of their lives?

Score: 302

If I owe $400 in taxes, the IRS is on me, cannot imagine the pressure if I owed $4 million!

Score: 295

Who is Kim Kardashian? I mean, really!

Score: 288

Sometimes I wonder if road engineers ever travel on the roadways they designed.

Score: 275

I'm at the age where I will tell you if you are annoying, inconsiderate or just plain lazy.

Score: 270

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