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People in this country live their lives with the idea that it is always someone else's fault if something is wrong. So we are raising a generation of children who have never accepted responsibility for anything that they have done wrong.

Score: 908

23.6 Billion in damages for a smoker? I'm sorry, but it has been years since the warnings came out. If you smoke, it is your choice to do so.

Score: 899

The problem with birth control is that the people who use it are the educated, intelligent people who make better parents. The lower level of society breeds like rabbits and soon there will be an even greater divide between upper and lower classes.

Score: 833

Dear political candidates please refrain from saying anything negative about your opponent better yet don't even bring up your opponents name and just tell me what you plan on doing when you get into office and then I can make and informed choice

Score: 781

If you start thinking about how long it took for the victim to die, you'll stop worrying about how long it takes for the killer to die!!!

Score: 750

Being politically correct and being right are not the same thing.

Score: 713

Loyalty to a party has replaced integrity

Score: 687

If the execution of the convicted murderer resulted in death, then it was not botched.

Score: 680

The only gangs needed today are chain gangs.

Score: 647

If the majority of american votes were truely well educated, very few elected officals would serve a second term

Score: 637

How will our society continue to function in harmony when we are raising an entire generation that watches reality shows on TV where every character believes the world revolves around them. Unfortunately, these are the only role models most young people have.

Score: 635

A two hour execution--that should be the standard for murderers and child molesters.

Score: 618

If you think only the Republicans are responsible for the problems in Congress take a look at what Harry Reid allows to reach the Senate floor. Both parties are causing this road block and I, for one, am fed up with the lot of them.

Score: 615

The girl pregnant complaining of not getting school help at home and wants to sue the school system. Young lady it's your fault NOT the school system, with more books and less sex maybe you would be smatter.

Score: 606

When I was growing up, shoppers used to respect stores displays and merchandise and not leave them in disarray. It is disgusting how these days shoppers don't care about anything and leave merchandise "totally trashed" as though the shoppers were raised in a barn!

Score: 605

To the person who changed a child's diaper in the Target parking lot and threw it on the ground, I would like to say, You are disgusting!

Score: 561

Parents, do your job. It is not any else's job to teach your child the basic fundamentals that they will need to be successful in life.

Score: 559

Why does the US government have such a difficult time with the basics? Enforce the laws on the books and change them if they are bad laws.

Score: 556

We don't vote NOT to expand our metro rail system because we are against the concept.. We do it because we are tired of the usual graft, corruption, nepotism and waste that siphons off the money before the wheels start to roll.

Score: 516

I had one child when I was 30. I was married and when I divorced I found a very good stepfather for him. You are nuts if you think boys don't need a responsible, caring father.

Score: 493

Listen, when the US becomes weak in the world and recedes; bad guys will fill the void.

Score: 479

Could a young person carry on a conversation without saying "like" in every sentence?

Score: 462

You cannot make an informed decision on who to vote for if you just go by robocall and ads. They are all so full of BS.

Score: 458

Parents either do not know about or care about the fact they only have the first 4-5 years to teach their children the standards they will live by for the rest of their lives.

Score: 448

We waste so much money in all manner of money pits overseas.

Score: 445

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