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Didn't see any players wearing shirts asking for justice for the woman murdered in the city of Decatur.

Score: 606

What kind of "animals" murder 132 children?

Score: 584

Why do people think I owe them anything. I worked hard for what I have. Try it, you may like it.

Score: 535

Someone needs to tell the gangbangers that Black lives matter.

Score: 528

The summer buzz of mosquitoes in our ears has been replaced by the unending and even more irritating whine of protesters and political "leaders" complaining about imaginary racial insults.

Score: 503

Everyone wants justice until it doesn't turn out their way.

Score: 496

Those in authority need to start watching what they advocate and how it might be mistaken. It is getting to where race relations have taken a large step backward. Please give us some leaders who act responsibly.

Score: 480

What's more shocking than a serial killer stalking the MARTA rail line? After all the hoopla surrounding police recently, a MARTA officer still did his job and caught the guy. Great job MARTA police, great job.

Score: 480

Respect that is earned is freely given. Respect that is demanded, not so much.

Score: 464

So Spelman College has suspended their Cosby Professorship program. Guess they will also be giving Cosby back his twenty million. Right ??

Score: 461

The people that talk the loudest aren't often right.

Score: 440

We don't need another Bush or another Clinton. It's time for some better leadership.

Score: 428

We reward bad behavior and wonder why nothing gets done?

Score: 426

We don't need a movement to stop reality shows. Just use your remote.

Score: 420

There are GREAT stores and things to do downtown. The problem is that parking rip-offs, traffic, panhandlers, and crime make it not worth going.

Score: 419

My heart goes out to the families of the slain NYC policemen. We need to stop the mentality that says it is okay to take another life.

Score: 407

I just learned that a boy was beat up in the bathroom at my daughter's little private school, and that the aggressor is still a student at the school. He was not kicked out. So much for consequences. We're out of there!

Score: 402

Dictators deserve to be mocked.

Score: 396

I see a South Carolina developer is buying Underground to fix it up. Boy they sure are going to need a lot of lipstick for that pig.

Score: 396

Remember the days when you had the same doctor and pharmacist all your life? Now we are just a number.

Score: 375

Want to avoid getting post-Xmas bills? Don't overspend at Christmas! It's really quite simple.

Score: 367

Mr. President, why don't you try restoring the relationships between Democrats and Republicans, then between blacks & whites, before you try restoring our relationship with a communist country, who hates us.

Score: 359

Russia is dangerous in good times or bad.

Score: 311

There were great teachers but they got run off with bad politics and bad pay.

Score: 291

I love and respect President George W. Bush (and I don't really care what your opinion on that is), but I'm afraid putting another Bush in the race at this point will be detrimental to the GOP.

Score: 287

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