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I like the convenience of paying the ad valorem tax on my car up front so I can finance it at horribly interest rates. I finally paid it off and want to give it to my 25 year old son. Now he has to pay ad valorem taxes again based on book value. Shouldn't an item be taxed only once?

Score: 788

Why are we allowing political correctness to to take the place of common sense?

Score: 775

In these trying times of non-stop political ads, I would like to take a moment and say a big "Thank you" to the person who invented remote controls the included a mute button.

Score: 699

The countries in Africa bordering the Ebola "hot zones" have closed their borders and implemented quarantine policies. Why are US "leaders" so reluctant to do the same? (How many must die upon the altar of "political correctness"?)

Score: 696

What part of "lights on when raining" don't you understand?

Score: 675

After seeing what ISIS is doing to school aged boys and girls, I thank God now more than ever that my kids were born in and live in America.

Score: 646

We can afford new stadiums, but we somehow can't afford new reflectors or reflective paint for the highways so we can actually see the lanes when it rains.

Score: 609

Once you've voted early, you should be able to block all the political ads.

Score: 607

To the drivers with one headlight out, do not drive with your High Beams on, you are blinding drivers in front of you and approaching you, replace the burned out bulb before you cause an crash!!

Score: 605

Arthur - you don't need a whole new stadium - you need a whole new team.

Score: 596

FDR was wrong. There are many thing to fear. Top of the fear list is government. DO NOT vote for people who want to add more government programs promised to 'help' you.

Score: 539

Do not trust a government that wants to take your guns away.

Score: 501

If you have a website where you are trying to sell something. I will make a purchase if I see what I want. I will not give you my email address or sign up unless I see what products you are selling first.

Score: 499

I have not watched the Braves or the Hawks for the past few years. Now I have stopped watching the Falcons. Tired of watching overpaid millionaire athletes, coaches, and owners under perform.

Score: 487

Most college athletes receive a $100,000 education, room and board for their part time job. That should be enough.

Score: 485

Regardless of the outcome if you vote you have earned the right to complain for the next four years. Otherwise you really should keep your political opinions to yourself.

Score: 469

Were those changing signs on 285 really needed or just make work for highway contractors who contribute big bucks to politicians.

Score: 456

Because there is no obvious reason why the nurse should have gotten the virus, they have to have someone to blame, so the nurse herself will be thrown under the bus.

Score: 450

DOT please remove the variable speed limit signs. The flow of traffic dictates the speed limit, not a sign.

Score: 435

Why do I have to pay for 35 sports channels on cable that I never watch?

Score: 433

Is there a politician out there who does not lie.

Score: 432

Tax breaks for new apartments? And they want the rest of us to pay for their traffic congestion?

Score: 427

Why in the world would anyone think the nurse with Ebola was careless with protocol? Her life was at risk!

Score: 418

Really Comcast? You raise my rates, yet I cannot watch one single TV show without at least a dozen signal interruptions.

Score: 402

Screening for Ebola at Hartfield-Jackson airport is better than nothing. But all it takes is one passenger who has Ebola, and doesn't have symptoms yet to arrive and a few days later infect many others.

Score: 397

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