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We constantly hear about how Social Security is going to run out of money. How come we never hear about welfare running out of money? What's interesting is the first group "worked for" their money, but the second didn't.

Score: 1310

If media would drop the labels such as "Mexican-American," "African-American," "Irish -American," and just call us ALL Americans, it might help unite us together instead of split us apart.

Score: 1194

After every act of terrorism we are told don't judge all Muslims for the acts of a few. Isn't it time we used that logic for the 80 million gun owners here in America.

Score: 1142

Dr. King's dream has come true. His children are being judged by the content of their character.

Score: 1141

If a word is derogatory when used by one race then it is derogatory when used by all races. Period.

Score: 1141

Heavy dense fog Monday morning and I almost get hit by a grey colored car with no headlights on. She blows her horn and gives me the finger right before she rams the car in front of her also with no lights on. Karma, gotta love it.

Score: 1140

A ten year old girl who shaved her head in support of a friend going through chemo therapy gets suspended and a teenage bully who brutally beats a boy in a school locker room cannt be prosecuted. What in the world is going on in our public schools?

Score: 1124

Marta is broke. Atlanta can't afford to repair the roads or bridges or sewers. The schools are broke, but a billionaire who can afford to do it himself wants to use taxpayer money to build a new stadium that nobody wants or needs. The mayor agrees with him. What is it I don't understand?

Score: 1124

It's a very sad day for this country when the politicians would rather cut Veteran's retirement benefits instead of tax credits given to illegal aliens...

Score: 1106

Martin Luther King's children are really getting on everyone's nerves...he died for peace and his children can't have peace among each other.They all need to get a real Job and stop living of his legacy.

Score: 1085

When will parents take responsibility for their child's behavior? Stop blaming others when you don't do your job.

Score: 1076

I've had progressives tell me that Welfare/EBT, Food Stamps, Section 8 Housing and now free healthcare are all civil rights. See, this is our national cancer...people believing they're owed a free living and never having to work for anything.

Score: 1068

Does anyone really care about Kim & Kanye?? CAUSE I DON'T!!!!!

Score: 1066

So in the new immigration bill, illegals won't have to pay all their back taxes. But if I, as a citizen, fail to pay my taxes, I could go to jail.

Score: 1040

Why do we worry so much about putting murderers to death in a way that isn't painful or cause them any suffering? They certainly didn't give that same consideration to their victims so why should they get off so easily?

Score: 1037

Mayor Reed, perhaps you can explain why a white youth cannot walk home from a Braves game IN YOUR OWN CITY without being gunned down in the streets. This is something YOU have control over.

Score: 1033

If we are broke as a nation, please explain to me why we pay billions of dollars for Corporate Welfare and Charity to other nations when we can't/won't take care of our own helpless children, elderly and disabled?

Score: 1008

We have hit a new low when teenagers shoot a jogger just because they are bored.

Score: 1001

I personally think Republicans AND Democrats are both too inept and corrupt to run this country. Wow, I wonder which way this vent will get voted.

Score: 982

The 17year old soccer player who sucker punched the referee who later died should face trail as an adult. There is no excuse for this.

Score: 978

God Bless those 19 brave firefighters in Arizona and their families - heaven holds a special place.

Score: 977

I really wish North Korea would keep Dennis Rodman.

Score: 969

Kanye assaulted a paparazzo for talking to him? I have an idea! How about the paparazzo completely ignore him! If they gave him NO publicity, he would cease to exist! (OH! We should be so lucky!)

Score: 957

Fifty years ago, we had 30 kids in the classroom. We used books with content that did not need changing every couple of years - and we learned well, and became productive as adults.

Score: 954

America is slowly dying from a terminal case of "political correctness".

Score: 946

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