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Tax the internet? You already tax my car, house, groceries, utilities, pay checks, rain water going down sewer, anything I buy, ect... and now internet???? What's next? AIR WE BREATH?

Score: 1048

Once again I ask-Given all the litter and weeds along Atlanta highways and medians, aren't there some prisoners who might like some fresh air and some work?

Score: 877

In Canada a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun.

Score: 866

Far too many people define "justice" as "getting the results we want" rather than "impartial, objective, and appropriate results based on facts".

Score: 848

I like the convenience of paying the ad valorem tax on my car up front so I can finance it at horribly interest rates. I finally paid it off and want to give it to my 25 year old son. Now he has to pay ad valorem taxes again based on book value. Shouldn't an item be taxed only once?

Score: 823

To the habitual Arkansas prisoner who wants to keep his beard for religious reasons - how about not committing crimes so you can stay out of prison and maintain whatever body hair you want?

Score: 801

Why are we allowing political correctness to to take the place of common sense?

Score: 782

I'm sorry, but if someone commits a crime they should be punished - even if they are "sympathetic" and have a family. What about the families affected by their crimes.

Score: 777

I'm doomed. I'm 66 years old and as a child I ate real butter and drank water from a garden hose.

Score: 776

Poor Dekalb County! They cannot field a jury that has sense enough to convict a crook.

Score: 748

I'm getting tired of these people who move here then do nothing but complain. If you don't like it here, go home.

Score: 735

I'm a Ga. native, and I've never watched Honey boo boo. Please folks, they will only go away if you quit watching. Makes us look stupid.

Score: 719

In these trying times of non-stop political ads, I would like to take a moment and say a big "Thank you" to the person who invented remote controls the included a mute button.

Score: 704

If the Honor Guard at our Tomb of the Unknowns is carrying an unloaded rifle like the Canadian soldier who was murdered, that should change today.

Score: 703

The countries in Africa bordering the Ebola "hot zones" have closed their borders and implemented quarantine policies. Why are US "leaders" so reluctant to do the same? (How many must die upon the altar of "political correctness"?)

Score: 702

I didn't think Mama June and her family could embarrass the state of Georgia any more than they had. I was so wrong.

Score: 684

What part of "lights on when raining" don't you understand?

Score: 676

Sadly, some people are already so biased that they cannot look at the facts only to determine guilt or innocence.

Score: 671

After seeing what ISIS is doing to school aged boys and girls, I thank God now more than ever that my kids were born in and live in America.

Score: 659

What bugs me as much about singers who do not know the words to the National Anthem is that so many of them try to sing it like a pop or blues song by adding their own artistic touch to it. Folks that ain't what it is.

Score: 658

The NCAA is a joke. Either pay the student athletes or actually require them to be students first by not cutting academic breaks for dumb jocks.

Score: 655

The real question is how does someone making $174,000 a year become a multi-millionaire in just a term or two? Like the old detectives use to say, "Want to solve a crime, follow the money".

Score: 635

Once you've voted early, you should be able to block all the political ads.

Score: 633

If a nurse who is so compassionate for fellow humans and fighting the Ebola virus in another country, why fight being quarantined to protect us?

Score: 616

We can afford new stadiums, but we somehow can't afford new reflectors or reflective paint for the highways so we can actually see the lanes when it rains.

Score: 613

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