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The first law concerning men's reproductive choices should require all men who father a child to support said child until age 18. I'm sick of certain men "spreading their seed" like Farmer John but letting the American taxpayer support the kids.

Score: 1002

There was a time when schools taught cursive writing, proper grammar was expected and students diagrammed sentences to understand subjects and verbs. Language excellence was an indication of being well educated and a potentially good employee.

Score: 944

People in this country live their lives with the idea that it is always someone else's fault if something is wrong. So we are raising a generation of children who have never accepted responsibility for anything that they have done wrong.

Score: 919

23.6 Billion in damages for a smoker? I'm sorry, but it has been years since the warnings came out. If you smoke, it is your choice to do so.

Score: 912

The problem with birth control is that the people who use it are the educated, intelligent people who make better parents. The lower level of society breeds like rabbits and soon there will be an even greater divide between upper and lower classes.

Score: 837

Dear political candidates please refrain from saying anything negative about your opponent better yet don't even bring up your opponents name and just tell me what you plan on doing when you get into office and then I can make and informed choice

Score: 819

Teachers are professionals, not miracle workers. Education MUST occur at home or it won't happen.

Score: 813

Retail sales are down! Well Duh!! The majority of my money goes toward the HIGH COST of FOOD!! Middle classes/poor keep getting hit after hit.

Score: 803

I'd like to welcome the 1,000 new citizens that took the oath today at Turner Field. Congratulations! You did it the right way!!!

Score: 797

Since the Pope thinks the US is 'racist' about the illegal migration, I think it would be a wonderful idea if the Vatican offered to be financially responsible for all the migrants coming into our country.

Score: 789

If you start thinking about how long it took for the victim to die, you'll stop worrying about how long it takes for the killer to die!!!

Score: 786

My ancestors did immigrate here but they did it legally. There is a difference.

Score: 768

Parenting matters. Manners matter. Self reliance matters.

Score: 755

BC (before cellphones): People paid attention to their driving, parents talked to and interacted with their children, teenagers interacted with each other verbally, we didn't have to listen to loud conversations while shopping, etc. and the term "selfie" had not been created.

Score: 753

To the person who changed a child's diaper in the Target parking lot and threw it on the ground, I would like to say, You are disgusting!

Score: 749

The thousands of people we saw around the country being sworn in as US citizens over the 4th weekend prove that our current immigration law and pathway to legal citizenship works just fine. How about enforcing it, President Obama?

Score: 745

Odd. I've had email accounts for about twenty years and NOT ONCE have I had emails lost because of an e-mail server crash (something about duplicate arrays, back-ups, and tapes). Perhaps the IRS is no longer competent enough to be in charge of tax revenues.

Score: 736

Being politically correct and being right are not the same thing.

Score: 732

When I was growing up, I never had an inkling of a teacher's political affiliation. The classroom wasn't a soap box.

Score: 716

Loyalty to a party has replaced integrity

Score: 714

We had no air-conditioning in schools years ago, but we learned a lot more and were better students than young people today. We also were expected to behave ourselves. Discipline was much more evident back then.

Score: 713

If the execution of the convicted murderer resulted in death, then it was not botched.

Score: 711

History also shows that we cannot change the Middle East.

Score: 707

So, the good ole USA is now the number one oil producer. Why, unlike other producing countries, don't we have $1.00 gas?

Score: 689

A step in the right direction for public education in Georgia would be to return Driver's Education to all publicly funded high schools- and make it a required class!

Score: 681

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