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Am I the only person who finds the new AJC website confusing and hard to navigate?

Score: 1222

Having a degree doesn't keep you from being an idiot.

Score: 761

What does burning and looting have to do with protesting?

Score: 720

If your main claim to fame is showing us your ass, you may just be one.

Score: 683

Our Congress is so beholden to moneyed lobbyists that they can't pass any bill without asking permission from them, We need term limits!

Score: 651

let's start a new movement: No more reality shows.

Score: 642

OK, I'm officially sick and tired of hearing about the Ferguson protests every day. It was a tragic series of events; can we move on now?

Score: 642

There is no greater sin, than to have a child and not take care of it!

Score: 635

Yes, there are a few bad cops. They are, however, outnumbered everyday by bad people who wish to kill them and harm us.

Score: 631

I'm sorry but there is a huge difference between a protest and violence, endangering others & destruction of property.

Score: 610

Didn't see any players wearing shirts asking for justice for the woman murdered in the city of Decatur.

Score: 600

Why do some young parents let the children run wild in restaurants? It's like once they outgrow the high chair, anything goes.

Score: 589

What kind of "animals" murder 132 children?

Score: 578

As a teacher I can tell you that too many parents are as clueless about their children's education as they are about whether they are properly dressed.

Score: 577

Instead of griping about the gift your sister-in-law gave your mom, why don't YOU hook it up for her.

Score: 573

I have the greatest respect for anyone who has to put on body armor every day to go to work. We are lucky to have them.

Score: 562

You just can't educate stupid out of some people.

Score: 554

Body cams for police fine. Put them on politicians they will do more damage to the population than the police ever could.

Score: 550

I believe people should live their lives as they see fit. However, the very instant that a person becomes a parent, that all changes. From that point forward, it is no longer about YOU! It's all about doing whatever is necessary to provide for the child.

Score: 536

Why do people think I owe them anything. I worked hard for what I have. Try it, you may like it.

Score: 532

These protests seem more and more staged by the media for the media.

Score: 526

Cops are trained "to kill" because they know their own lives are on the line everyday. You need a strong reality check concering dealing with the American Public.

Score: 521

Someone needs to tell the gangbangers that Black lives matter.

Score: 520

How many destroyed businesses in Ferguson will start back up? When people complain there is no place to shop, look in the mirror.

Score: 520

Many thanks to the gentleman who took the time to lead me to a location on Hugh Howell in Tucker after I became lost with a temporary closing of Hwy. 29. Despite much of the news of the day, there are many caring people among us!

Score: 510

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