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A ten year old girl who shaved her head in support of a friend going through chemo therapy gets suspended and a teenage bully who brutally beats a boy in a school locker room cannt be prosecuted. What in the world is going on in our public schools?

Score: 1124

So Fred Phelps family is asking for people to respect their privacy at this time...yeah right like you respected the privacy of all those loved ones you disrespected by your vile hate filled protesting.

Score: 902

More people are out of work but unemployment is down. The people remaining in the workforce are making less now than 4 years ago. Economic growth is flat and our international image weak and timid. Our people are divided and distrust outweighs brotherhood.

Score: 897

Contrary to popular belief, the customer is not always right! Especially when she brings back an OBVIOUSLY used, smoke infested, tag-still-hanging-on-the-inside, spilled-a-drink-on-it blouse after a hard weekend of partying--and demands a refund!

Score: 868

Parents need to parent their children, not be their friends.

Score: 833

Hey, Kasim. Remember when people got married BEFORE they got pregnant?

Score: 826

The oil companies blame conflict in Ukraine for price increases. I get the feeling that if two guys got into a fight in a bar in Germany they would raise oil prices, you know any excuse.

Score: 772

Instead of always blaming MARTA, could we please put at least someof the responsibility where it belongs -- on the riders who show no respect for other riders.

Score: 758

Really feel sorry for those student-athletes on scholarship that bemoan that they can't afford a meal....where did they get the money for all their tattoos?

Score: 756

Trust me, if Eric Holder and Barack Obama were white, I'd hate their politics just as much.

Score: 754

Hey Kasim, what a great role model you are for today's youth - NOT!

Score: 722

I can't believe someone could NOT understand what Beverly Hall did. She encourage and sponsored cheating for profit at the expense of children. Clear enough for you?

Score: 718

The month of March, for the first time since July 2002 that there were no U.S. combat fatalities anywhere. I could get used to this.

Score: 717

Seeing Miley Cyrus sticking her tongue out makes me want to gag AND I'm a guy! What's it supposed to mean anyway? If it's supposed to be sexy, it's NOT! Give it up, Miley!

Score: 717

Growing up I was more afraid of and had more respect for my father than the police. He did not play. Fathers, custodial parent or not, take time with your kids and have a hand in raising and putting some discipline in them. Maybe some of this bullying will go away.

Score: 701

My sister asked her 4 year old son to place his bowl in the kitchen sink then he can get some chips. Instead, he told her no; she placed the bowl in the sink and gave him some chips. Great parenting. Not!!!!

Score: 699

There shouldn't be any television, music or movies allowed in jails or prisons.... only books.

Score: 698

Capt. Herb and Lewis Grizzard are two people who made Atlanta a much easier city in which to live because they made us laugh, even at difficult times.

Score: 691

What in the world will the King children live off of after they sell everything that was charished by their father. What an embarrassment they have become to the King legacy

Score: 689

With all the people complaining about the politicians, economy, jobs, pay, insurance and so on, could you please remember that the imbedded politicians are the ones who own this mess. Vote them out.

Score: 682

I'm amazing that the state has money for two completely unnecessary brand new stadiums, but doesn't have enough money to repair roads, fund education, or expand the transit system. Absolutely disgusting.

Score: 678

The time has come when we need to drop political correctness and go back to good old common sense. We are beginning to appear very stupid.

Score: 671

The cheap motels at interstate interchanges all provide free internet service, but upscale hotels and resorts charge outrageous daily fees for wifi access. What's up with that?

Score: 667

Money spent on the trolley to nowhere should have been spent on paving roads in the city.

Score: 658

Everytime I am sitting at light and it changes and the cars don't go, when I get past them, they're always talking on their phones.

Score: 653

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