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You say "working people should not have to live in poverty", and I say able bodied people should not be on welfare.

Score: 983

It's easier to portray yourself as a victim than take responsibility for your bad decisions.

Score: 812

We were told that the price of groceries had increased due to higher fuel cost. When can we expect to see the cost of food decrease due to lower gas prices?

Score: 773

I am middle class and have worked very hard to get and keep my middle class status. I want nothing from the wealthy, but I do want politicians to leave the middle class alone. Every time they want to "help" the middle class, the middle class ends up getting the shaft.

Score: 767

I hear many voices claiming their rights. Who will claim their responsibilities?

Score: 722

I don't want no big fancy buildings or monuments or streetcars or street re-naming. I just want the streetlights to work. I want the potholes fixed. I want everything to work correctly. Don't bother with the fripperies if you can't deliver the main goods!

Score: 662

Dr. King made great strides in civil rights, but it looks like he should have spent a little more time on parenting . Sad.

Score: 637

I can't be the only one that hates sexist advertisements! It's ridiculous to see commercial that repeatedly make fathers look like idiots.

Score: 633

If you want to raise taxes on corporations and the top 1%, you just go right ahead, but stop sticking it to the middle class. I'm tired of paying the freight for the welfare crowd.

Score: 578

When any government takes away my ability to speak freely with my doctor about all my medical options, that government has taken away my right to free speech.

Score: 566

Atlanta Drivers PLEASE turn your headlights on when driving in the dark and in the rain. Others cannot see your vehicles and you are going to kill someone.

Score: 553

Stop getting in the left lane and then trying to cut everyone off in the right lane so you can make the right turn, that you obviously knew you needed to make.

Score: 550

At Mayor Reed's news conference a dozen or more people are standing behind him. Don't these people have work to do ? Does it really take a village to talk to the press ?

Score: 548

The government gives nothing for free. It's all paid for by yours and my taxes. Time to stick a plug in the dam!

Score: 546

Boobs are prettier than a young man's undergarments.

Score: 543

Far too many people these days are trying to get attention and far too few are trying to earn respect.

Score: 539

What's wrong with this picture: a 30 year old healthy and educated man still relying on a weekly allowance from his father gets upset when said father refuses to increase the amount? Really!?

Score: 529

Just when the consumer gets a much needed break on gas prices here come the "SORRY" elected politicians ( both state and feds) talking tax hikes for roads etc. I would like to know where the gas tax $$$ is going now!

Score: 526

Sure is strange when politicians run for office they bombard you with mail and robo calls. Once elected and try to contact them by e-mail you never get a response or at best a generic one from a staff member.

Score: 518

Because of ObamaCare I bring home $400 less a month than I did last year. I've worked a full-time job and have paid my taxes for the last 30 years - and now I'm paying even more to subsidize able-bodied people who have never worked a day in their life.

Score: 517

If the economy has recovered can we reduce umployment back to 26 weeks instead of 99?

Score: 498

A recent study reveals that a woman that carris a little extra weight lives longer than the man who mentions it.

Score: 497

Why do we keep comparing ourselves to other countries? Who cares of they pay pigs to plow fields in Pago Pago? What does it matter to me if Papua New Guinea and America are the only countries who don't pay for 3 years of maternity leave? Some countries do some things better than us, some worse. I'm just proud to be American.

Score: 493

Isn't it ironic! Just about anyone can buy marijuana within blocks of the Gold Dome. But desperate parents, with special needs kids, can't get legal cannabis oil anywhere in Georgia. Duh!

Score: 491

If you insist on texting and driving, at least do it up on the steering wheel so you can see the accident you are about to create. You are not fooling anyone by doing it in your lap.

Score: 490

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