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Bring back the good ol'e days of yester-year. If we did something wrong we were more afraid of our parents than any other authoritive figure (and with good reason), we were made to be responsible for our actions and not able to blame others, respecting your elders was not a choice it was a demand, sometimes you win - sometimes you loose - life isn't fair all the time.

Score: 907

There is no credible evidence linking autism to vaccinations, but there is plenty of evidence linking death to "childhood" diseases.

Score: 884

We're already paying for good government, we're just not getting it.

Score: 729

These are the days of no handwashing, no vaccinating, and no respect for others - only me me me.

Score: 705

Tax payers with jobs pay for everything. Nothing is free.

Score: 704

I don't want no big fancy buildings or monuments or streetcars or street re-naming. I just want the streetlights to work. I want the potholes fixed. I want everything to work correctly. Don't bother with the fripperies if you can't deliver the main goods!

Score: 672

It's actually quite simple people. If you see line that stretches back a quarter of a mile before an exit, kindly get in the back of the line. Driving to the front of said line is not only terribly rude, but makes the line you just cut in front of last longer.

Score: 671

FREE equals COST for someone else!

Score: 645

The interest rate on any credit card is meaningless if you pay your bill in full every month.

Score: 644

Political correctness is not good manners. Political correctness has nothing to do with respect. Political correctness is all about us all talking, acting and being the same way, never celebrating our differences. Plus it's just plain stupid. Someone, somewhere will always be offended, no matter what you do.

Score: 630

I just want to pay my fair share of taxes AND everyone else to pay their fair share.

Score: 609

To the parent on TV complaining about being inconvenienced because Cobb extended a weather related late start to all day closure- you would also be the first one to complain if your kids got stuck at school. The school is not your daycare nor is it about your convenience.

Score: 601

Boobs are prettier than a young man's undergarments.

Score: 595

The NFL is worth over $45 billion, should it really be considered a non-profit? I think not.

Score: 589

If only there was a vaccination against the stupidity of those people who think that just because they survived a disease it is "no big deal" - they obviously never heard of other people who died of the same thing.

Score: 581

You were driving so slowly i thought you must be a senior driver but when i finally could pass I find you were someone texting while driving. Please pull off the road if you have to use your phone and we"ll all be safer.

Score: 578

An unvaccinated person has no place in a school, hospital, on mass transit, or anywhere else people congregate.

Score: 578

People-we are not having a major weather event. We are having winter--It is an annual event.

Score: 556

What a surprise. The streetcar is going to cost 50% more to operate than originally budgeted.

Score: 555

Still can't understand why Congress members don't have term limits.The President does. Twenty years should be their limit. They are supposed to work for us, Not the other way around.

Score: 552

No, don't raise taxes to pay for transportation. This STATE has advertised specific license plates for the protection of species and THAT MONEY doesn't even go to that. We have no accounting of where the money goes as it is!

Score: 551

I was raising chickens in the country when the city came to me.

Score: 549

So, you're terrified of Ebola, which is hardly contagious at best, but won't vaccinate your kids against measles, which is EXTREMELY contagious?

Score: 546

The Clayton police chief who is allowing Craigslist transactions to be held in the police dept. parking lot is 1 smart officer!

Score: 545

Congress is the biggest welfare program there is.

Score: 525

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