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Tax the internet? You already tax my car, house, groceries, utilities, pay checks, rain water going down sewer, anything I buy, ect... and now internet???? What's next? AIR WE BREATH?

Score: 1047

Once again I ask-Given all the litter and weeds along Atlanta highways and medians, aren't there some prisoners who might like some fresh air and some work?

Score: 875

To the habitual Arkansas prisoner who wants to keep his beard for religious reasons - how about not committing crimes so you can stay out of prison and maintain whatever body hair you want?

Score: 801

I like the convenience of paying the ad valorem tax on my car up front so I can finance it at horribly interest rates. I finally paid it off and want to give it to my 25 year old son. Now he has to pay ad valorem taxes again based on book value. Shouldn't an item be taxed only once?

Score: 788

Why are we allowing political correctness to to take the place of common sense?

Score: 775

I'm getting tired of these people who move here then do nothing but complain. If you don't like it here, go home.

Score: 734

In these trying times of non-stop political ads, I would like to take a moment and say a big "Thank you" to the person who invented remote controls the included a mute button.

Score: 699

The countries in Africa bordering the Ebola "hot zones" have closed their borders and implemented quarantine policies. Why are US "leaders" so reluctant to do the same? (How many must die upon the altar of "political correctness"?)

Score: 696

We need a new stadium like another hole in the head. The infrastructure is crumbling. Why can't the city do like we have to do and do the important things first.

Score: 689

What part of "lights on when raining" don't you understand?

Score: 675

If Arthur Blank is worth $2.2 billion, why couldn't he pay for his own stadium? The rich get richer and the poor and middle class pay the freight.

Score: 668

The NCAA is a joke. Either pay the student athletes or actually require them to be students first by not cutting academic breaks for dumb jocks.

Score: 655

Fair tax will never be a reality not because it's bad,but because it puts control into the hands of the consumer and not the politicians.

Score: 653

After seeing what ISIS is doing to school aged boys and girls, I thank God now more than ever that my kids were born in and live in America.

Score: 646

I'm wondering when the rest of us will get paid $174,000 per year plus benefits for working less than 110 days a year like congress-members.

Score: 641

The real question is how does someone making $174,000 a year become a multi-millionaire in just a term or two? Like the old detectives use to say, "Want to solve a crime, follow the money".

Score: 635

There is a special place in heaven for people like the man from Texas that donated his kidney to the Georgia Police Officer.

Score: 632

Once you've voted early, you should be able to block all the political ads.

Score: 609

We can afford new stadiums, but we somehow can't afford new reflectors or reflective paint for the highways so we can actually see the lanes when it rains.

Score: 609

Ten members of ISIS were captured crossing the border from Mexico. I wonder how many got through?

Score: 609

To the drivers with one headlight out, do not drive with your High Beams on, you are blinding drivers in front of you and approaching you, replace the burned out bulb before you cause an crash!!

Score: 605

Arthur - you don't need a whole new stadium - you need a whole new team.

Score: 596

Our society would be greatly enhanced if we spent more time, effort and money worrying about our libraries, schools, music and the arts and less on sports.

Score: 596

Screen for ebola by $12/hr TSA agents? The folks running this country are idiots!

Score: 593

The horizontal commandments of the ten commandments are pretty wise rules even for you non Christians. Honor thy Father and thy Mother, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt not covet

Score: 591

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