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I support the 2nd Amendment, and I have sympathy for that man's family, but no legitimate shooting instructor would have allowed that child access to that powerful a weapon, much less turned it to "full auto" after 1 test shot. Rights come with responsibilities!

Score: 1114

Students break into a teacher's phone, steal personal photos and post them and it's the teacher who is in trouble? Boy these kids and their parents must be a real prize and the idiots going after the teacher are the reason schools are a breeding ground for criminals now.

Score: 1069

Congress is made up of career politicians who are only interested in keeping their jobs and keeping their party in power. They care nothing about what is in the best interests of America or it's people. It's time to start a sweep of both parties.

Score: 1047

Demonstrators, Protestors, Rioters. There is a difference and the last group is nothing but lawless thugs taking advantage of the situation. They should be arrested.

Score: 1020

To change a soiled baby diaper in a restaurant is beyond inconsiderate and just plain crude.

Score: 949

In the 80's, when I graduated, we had a whole, vocational building, with wood working, cosmetology, car mechanics, etc. You learned invaluable trades. Knuckle heads who cut them, need to bring them back.

Score: 942

The looters like in St. Louis are only interested in taking advantage of excuses to loot (or damage property). The people who care about the issue are assembling peaceably.

Score: 907

Dr. King would be ashamed of the demonstrators that broke into the store where the young man is accused of stealing cigarettes. That shop owner had nothing to do with the shooting. Remember peaceful demonstrations led to changes in the law. Violence is never the answer.

Score: 891

Congress is on ANOTHER 5 week vacation - in November we should give them all a PERMANENT vacation.

Score: 870

Geez, your kid got put on the wrong bus but is safe... Let it go.. no need to go after the school & teacher and then go to WSB as well... Schools deal with thousands of kids everyday...I would suggest you go volunteer and see what they have to put up with..

Score: 849

If you think it's okay to loot and steal from a business because they have insurance, you should realize you are stealing from the insurance company. It's still theft.

Score: 845

Why do we wonder why youth of today are so messed up when a mother thinks it's OK to change a diaper in a restaurant? Their kids grow up with zero QUALITY parenting because their parents were STUPID.

Score: 838

You can't fix stupid but you can vote it out of office.

Score: 832

Teaching a child to fire a weapon he or she isn't strong enough to handle is like teaching them to drive a Ferrari when their feet can't even reach the pedals.

Score: 815

I'm all for good paying jobs! But in order to earn $15 an hour, you have to bring something to the table. Education, work experience and ethics are essential for working any job. I rarely see a fast food worker that works like they deserve $15 an hour! But that's just me!

Score: 805

No we cant all get along. Because some people want what you worked for and they don't want to put out to get it.

Score: 786

Now a 9 yr old girl will carry guilt for the rest of her life due to the stupidity of adults. Sad.

Score: 772

Please give me a real reason a 9 year old needs to know how to fire a machine gun.

Score: 736

when asked why I don't get a tattoo, I ask if they have ever seen a bumper sticker on a Ferrari.

Score: 735

Protests don't cause the damage seen on Ferguson Street,, riots do. This shouldn't be tolerated.

Score: 730

I have an engineering and master's degree and have had enough math to choke a horse. If the PhD educators would quit messing with the system and let dedicated teachers teach the basics, we might be able to get out of this mess we are in.

Score: 730

I am shocked to learn that an Atlanta Police Officer kept his job after driving under the influence the wrong way on I-85 and striking a Greyhound bus.

Score: 717

Why is it so difficult to implement controls and oversight for the expense accounts and purchasing cards of government officials and employees? This is a non-issue in the private sector! They do make cards that prevent certain purchases....

Score: 704

In civilian life, one has to earn a vacation. What has this congress done to earn theirs?

Score: 702

You'd have better luck convincing Red Sox fans to root for the Yankees than to get Middle Eastern countries to get along.

Score: 700

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