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I wish the NFL would require players to tackle the players with the creepy dreadlocks by the hair.

Attn: Super Bowl advertisers. 75 % of the audience is male. Please lay off all the ads with men in their underwear.

If Tebow did win the next presidential election, it would be a big improvement.

Raise your hand if you are a gator hater!

Pete Rose would know what to do with these Braves hitters. He'd bet against them!

GSU is concerned about poor attendance at the Dome. Maybe that ear-splitting music overplayed during timeouts is keeping fans from coming back!

Which Braves front-office genius sent a .344 hitter (Conrad) back to the minors and kept the .111 hitter (Norton)?

When you're name is Bubba, you don't belong on a golf course. But if you're going to win a major tournament, it should be in the South.

The best college football team pound for pound in the state of Georgia this year is Georgia Southern. GATA!

The Redskins, who laid off 23 employees, are spending $62 million on two players. America is broken.

How is it that the NCAA continues to punish Southern teams like Bama and FSU while they but have been investigating the Reggie Bush payoffs at USC for 4 years with no penalties?

Ted could buy the Braves now for less than he sold them.

I am so sick and tired of gay stuff. Why is it constantly being shoved down our throats in the sports world? Can't we enjoy anything anymore?

How about some love for the Real GSU...Georgia Southern is ranked #1 in the country!

Tim Tebow publicly declares his love for God and he is ridiculed. Michael Sam publicly declares his love for other men and he is called a hero? This is one example of why our country is screwed up.

How is it that friends of mine who are teachers can get fired because there is no money in education in Georgia, yet somehow Georgia can find $1 billion dollars for a stadium to replace a perfectly good and useable stadium? Brilliant. Great job, Georgia.

Clemson lost Watkins and their fans took it in stride. Auburn lost their center and they started making excuses?

Funny how Saban all of a sudden found a scholarship for Tomlinson when he didn't have one for Taylor. L I A R ! ! ! !

If Joe Cox has 7 more passing TD's than you, then you're not a Heisman candidate... Sorry Tim Tebow

You can bash Chipper for being hurt a lot, but you have never heard him test positive all the years he has played.

There is not enough money for school teachers but we are asked by millionaires and billionaires to help pay for a new stadium so that Goodell will be happy. If the NFL want's a stadium, let them pay for it.

If the NFL likes these throwback games so much why not throw the ticket prices back,the soda and beer prices back and do away with all the artificial stadium noise to the era of the jersey the teams wear on those days?

Obama throws like a girl.

I swear Urban Meyer is going to kiss Tebow on TV pretty soon now

Thank you Josh Groban for singing the Star Spangled Banner the way it should be sung before the championship game.

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