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I'm now seriously thinking about buying a second old car just to tick off the climate change crowd.

I'm old enough to remember when ISIS was a cute little TV series starring sexy JoAnna Cameron.

To: "my husband makes more time for TV than me".....hhhhhhhhmmmmmm, could it be that TV is more exciting than you are??

Let's face it, the Sports vent is for males and the Unvent for us females. Men don't read this drivel.

You Unventers have no sense of humor. Brisket radio? Ham radio? Get it?? That was cute!

My friend had to get a BRISKET Radio b/c his family was Jewish.

My wife won't let me have what I want for xmas- Sandra Bullock!

Thanks for the tip on the Christmas tree for the animals; thanks to you we're having venison for Christmas!

What is this? The Bible vent??

Thank you Vent Guy for including the humorous with the serious. If laughter isn't part of an Unvent, then nothing is.

I knew someone would somehow sneak a Jesus remark into Mother's Day. These 'thumpers' never quit.

Angie from Angies list needs to take advantage of the Jenny Craig programs in her area.

I don't think God has time to concern himself with your dialing skills to win a radio contest.

My husband told me I was a 40 watt light bulb in a 100 watt package ... so now he's lying here with his light out ...

Love the 'Best of the Unvent'. Funny.

My husband told me if he could sell me by the pound all his financial worries would be over ... now hes saying Who the Bleep Did I Marry

If you believe that the U. S. Constitution is "outdated," perhaps you should move to Egypt. They are writing themselves a new one- you could help.

I told mama I had to go back to work to get some rest after all the gallivanting and whiskey drinking over Christmas.

"I got rid of the TV"..... and now I aimlessly troll the internet all day! Great improvement....

To the person who was using and texting on there cell phone in the movie Saturday, that was me throwing M&M's at you hitting you on the head. Next time, if you need to use you phone to text or call, take it out side! Thanks, Moron!

What exactly is in those Belgium brownies??? LOL!!!!

No matter how cleverly it was done, why would any self-respecting young woman want her yearbook notation to quote a song whose message is that young women are only valuable as something to hump?

To runner: She may be a size 0 but that probably matches her IQ.

I hope the size zero woman who called you fat gets a big booty.

I dropped religion years ago. During those years I went to church, I was constantly feeling guilty. Now that I dropped all that, I am happier than ever. You need it, fine. I don't.

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