• Assisted Suicide and the Final Exit Network
    Assisted suicide, the Final Exit Network and Atlanta. All the latest news about assisted suicide, the right to die and the Georgia-based Final Exit Network.
  • Spotlight
    SPOTLIGHT: Watching out for your safety and pocketbook. Investigations of health and money. Investigative journalism by Alison Young. bring you news on health, money, finance, watchdog stories from
  • That Seventies City
    As calendars flipped to 1970, Atlanta had few traffic jams, three skyscrapers and virtually no smog. There was no CNN Center. There was no CNN, either. Atlanta Municipal Airport had one cramped terminal and no international flights. Public transit was limited to buses.. Downtown rocked at night, as locals filled the city's popular clubs and taverns. The city lacked the facilities to compete for major conventions. Segregationist Lester Maddox was governor. Yachtsman Ted Turner owned a thriving billboard empire and a ramshackle UHF station. Cobb and Gwinnett counties were still largely rural. Atlanta's transformation in the '70s —from "The city too busy to hate" to "Hotlanta," from the Heart of Dixie to a mecca for black professionals — was breathless, and its growth stood in stark contrast to the nation's other urban centers. Detroit lost nearly 40 percent of its industrial jobs that decade. New York skirted bankruptcy; nearly 1 million of its residents fled. Factories shut down across the Rust Belt. Crime and despair were rampant. Atlanta's was a different story, at least in the early part of the decade. Fueled by a surge of newcomers, a real estate boom pumped life into the economy. Opportunities drew the young and the ambitious; they brought with them the freewheeling values that typified the era. By the end of the '70s, Atlanta had evolved from a moderately sized burg to a burgeoning metropolis. It wasn't always a smooth transition, and as the decade progressed unemployment rose and crime spiraled. , In the days ahead, we'll look back at the decade of disco, when Atlanta came of age. — News researcher Nisa Asokan contributed to this series.
  • AJC around the Internet
    AJC stories shared with Digg and Reddit.
  • Atlanta transportation
    Get the latest news with insight from, your most trusted source of news, info, photos and videos on Atlanta's traffic, MARTA, highways, transportation.
  • Immigration in Atlanta & Georgia
    Get in-depth news fast on immigration in Atlanta, Georgia. is Atlanta’s trusted source for stories, info, photos.
  • Georgia hiker's murder
    Get in-depth news on the Gary Hilton / Meredith Emerson hiker murder story. is Atlanta’s trusted source for stories, trial info, photos & more.
  • Lake Lanier
    Get in-depth, up-to-date news on drought and Lake Lanier, the source of drinking water for metro Atlanta. is Atlanta’s trusted source for stories, info, photos
  • Atlanta Colleges & Universities
    Atlanta Colleges and Universities - Get a comprehensive list of colleges & universities in the Atlanta area. - We know Atlanta higher education best!
  • Clayton county schools
    Clayton county schools - Come to the AJC for the latest on Clayton county schools’ accreditation, Clayton school board news & more

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