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Using the Stacks

Here is the best method for searching the Stacks archive for recipes and food features:

1. Go to the search screen at AJC archives

2. In the "Search terms" box, type the name of the recipe your seek. If you do not know the name, type some of the ingredients from the recipe. If there is an unusual ingredient, or an unusual food preparation technique, be sure to include it in the key words. This can narrow your search results.

3. If you know the recipe appeared as part of a regular column like "From the menu of" or "7-day menu planner," type the name of the column in the "Headline" box. Otherwise, you can leave this box blank.

4. If you have a general idea of the date the recipe was published, you can use the "Date options" to further limit your search.

5. Click on the "Search" button.

6. In your results list, you will receive the headlines and first few sentences from the articles that contain the words you have typed in the search terms box and meet your other search criteria. Please note that the name of the recipe or the ingredients from the recipe may not appear in those first sentences.

7. When you click on a headline to see the full text, you will be prompted to enter a method of payment.


A couple of notes about recipes and The Stacks archive

Not all recipes that appear in the newspaper are contained in the archive. Recipes from wire service articles are not included, and many other articles not written by AJC staff also are not included.

Anything with the headline "Recipe Index" will not contain actual recipes. The "Recipe Index" lists the names of the recipes that ran in a particular Food section. Therefore, it may be helpful in determining when a recipe was published.

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