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Track top Georgia and national football recruits by AJC rating through high school, college and the NFL / pros. AJC ratings are determined by AJC college recruiting writers, taking into account players' strengths, weaknesses and intangibles.

NameRating Ht./Wt. High School PositionColleges Considering
Brandon McGee B+ 5'11"/190 Plantation High School (Fla.) Athlete Miami
Brandon Brown B 6'2"/185 Cedartown High School Athlete East Carolina, Georgia Southern, Georgia Tech, Middle Tennessee State, Navy, Vanderbilt and Wake Forest
Courtney Dalcourt B 5'11"/195 Franklin Simpson Athlete Central Michigan, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Louisville, Stanford and Troy
Darius Green C+ 5'10"/170 Cedartown High School Athlete West Georgia and Wofford
Darrell Williams C+ 5'8"/165 Camden County High School Athlete Delaware and Western Carolina
David Sims A- 5'11/205 Calhoun County High School (SC) Athlete Kentucky
Donavan Tate A 6'3"/205 Cartersville High School Athlete Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Southern California and Texas
Dontae Aycock A- 5'10"/190 Chamberlain High School (FL) Athlete Duke, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Mississippi, South Carolina, South Florida and West Virginia
E.J. Banks A- 6'0"/175 Montour High School (PA) Athlete Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest and West Virginia
Fake Player None / Fake High School Athlete Fake College
Joe Stewart B+ 6'1"/175 Dutchtown High School Athlete Louisville, Missouri and Stanford
Josh Boyd None 6'3"/275 Philadelphia High School (Miss.) Athlete Mississippi State
Justin Wray B 6'2"/201 Eastside High School Athlete Central Florida and Vanderbilt
Lonnie Pryor A 6'1"/195 Okeechobee High School (FL) Athlete Florida State
Marsalis Teague A- 5'10''/175 Henry County High School (TN) Athlete Clemson, Florida, Georgia Tech, Miami, Tennessee and Vanderbilt
Morgan Alexander B+ 6'0"/180 Cartersville High School Athlete Arkansas, Indiana, Louisville and South Carolina State
Rashard Smith A+ 5'10"/180 Dublin High School Athlete Alabama-Birmingham, Auburn, Georgia Southern, North Carolina State and Vanderbilt
Ray Ray Armstrong None 6'4"/220 Sanford Seminole High School (Fla.) Athlete Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Louisiana State, Miami, Mississippi, Notre Dame, Oregon, South Carolina, Southern California and Tennessee
Russell Powell B+ 5'9"/165 Newnan High School Athlete Air Force
Stephon Gilmore None 6'1"/180 South Pointe High School (SC) Athlete Air Force, Akron, Alabama, Alabama-Birmingham, Appalachian State, Arizona, Arizona State, Arkansas, Arkansas State and Army

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