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Signed with Kentucky. Postseason update: 145 total tackles, 3 sacks, 17 tackles for loss. Class AAA defensive player of the year. Aunt Carla Green was an All-American basketball player at LaGrange High School and also played at UGA.

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Very athletic; excellent character; leadership ability; versatile; explosive.



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Kentucky has pipeline to LaGrange, LB Huzzie

1:29 p.m. Friday, August 22, 2008

LaGrange linebacker Qua Huzzie says having three former LaGrange players at Kentucky, including cousin DeMoreo Ford, made his commitment to the Wildcats this week an easy fit. "That was a big factor, " said Huzzie, who is 5-foot-11, 210 pounds. "When I go up there, I talk to them, and they tell me the truth. It's going to be fun playing with them." Ford is a senior wide receiver. Kentucky's other former LaGrange players are Braxton Kelley, a senior linebacker, and Randall Burden, a freshman defensive back. LaGrange has become Georgia's "Linebacker" High School. Former All-SEC linebackers Wesley Woodyard (Kentucky) and Sam Olajubutu (Arkansas), both in the NFL, played at LaGrange. Tray Blackmon, a junior starting linebacker at Auburn, was the AJC's all-class player of the year in 2004. Another former LaGrange linebacker, Travis Hart, who played at Eastern Kentucky, is helping train Huzzie this summer. "I used to watch film on all of them --- Sam, Tray, " Huzzie said. "I talk with Trey a lot. I've worked with Travis on hands and footwork. I talk and work out with Braxton a lot, too." Huzzie also considered North Carolina, UAB, Duke and Vanderbilt. Huzzie made more than 100 tackles last season, 27 for losses. "I think [Kentucky] liked the way I get to the ball, run around the field and get the job done, " Huzzie said.

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