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Signed with Boise State. Tamburo verbally committed to the school back in November before North Gwinnett started the playoffs. He had offers from Air Force, Tulsa, Bowling Green and Toledo. His official visit to Boise was the only one he took, and he said it was the only one he planned to take. A starter since his sophomore year, when he led North Gwinnett to its first-ever state quarterfinal, he passed for more than 8,000 yards and 88 touchdowns as a prep. He was named first-team QB on AJC's Class AAAAA all-state team. Tamburo's brother, A.J., played quarterback for Auburn and Coastal Carolina, though he did not see much game action. Their father, John, was a three-year starter at fullback for Lehigh.

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Tamburo is extremely accurate and almost always makes the right decision. He can buy time with his legs and hurt defenses on designed runs. He hopes to emulate Missouri's Chase Daniel, a mobile quarterback in a spread offense who earned second-team All-American honors.


Tamburo needs to get stronger, and he knows it. In the spring and summer, he added 30 to 40 pounds on his various lifts. As a sophomore, he was 5-foot-10, 165 pounds. He played at 6-0, 185 as a senior.

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Boise State has big plans for North Gwinnett QB Michael Tamburo

9:34 a.m. Friday, November 28, 2008

Michael Tamburo has watched Boise State's last three games, the first in person, the last two on television. The No. 9 Broncos are on national television again on Friday, but Tamburo will have to record this one as his North Gwinnett Bulldogs will be playing at Newnan in a quarterfinal playoff game. Now that he's given his verbal commitment, Tamburo not only watches the game, he studies it. "I just like to get to know the offense," he said. "And it's fun because I've taken my official visit and fun knowing certain players." The undefeated Broncos, who start a freshman quarterback, Kellen Moore, are not planning on redshirting Tamburo. They want him "to come out and try to compete," he said. Boise State coaches haven't told the 180-pounder that he needs to gain weight, but he expects to add as much as 15 pounds through his offseason weight program. Tamburo, who doesn't plan on going back to Boise State until spring practice, isn't entertaining any other offers. "I pretty much called off the other schools," he said. "It's a solid commitment. I'm going to stay with them no matter what." Tamburo recently was the subject of an online newspaper poll asking if he's the best quarterback in Gwinnett history. About three quarters of the respondents said no. "I saw that. I kind of laughed," he said. "But it's an honor being mentioned in the same sentence as guys like David Greene."

Liberty, Memphis talking with North Gwinnett’s Tamburo

5:59 p.m. Tuesday, October 21, 2008

North Gwinnett’s Michael Tamburo is getting more attention from mid-level programs, but he’s still holding out for bigger offers. Liberty recently offered a scholarship to the 6-1, 185 pound quarterback and Ohio University contacted North Gwinnett coach Bob Sphire on Wednesday. Memphis also left a message with the coach wanting to know if Tamburo had committed. “I’m assuming they’re getting ready to offer,” Sphire said. Tamburo has offers from Air Force, Tulsa, Louisiana-Monroe, Toledo and Bowling Green. He also has visited Central Florida and South Florida. Sphire, who earlier this month sent out video to more than 450 schools, said interest is picking up in Tamburo. “All this stuff is starting to happen a little bit,” Sphire said, but added that his quarterback is very low key about it. “Right now, he’s just trying to help us win a championship. He’s focused on the team first.”

Tapes of North Gwinnett QB Tamburo shipped off to 450 colleges

1:48 a.m. Monday, September 15, 2008

North Gwinnett’s Michael Tamburo played like a big-time quarterback in his team’s 17-3 win over Brookwood last Friday, but he’s still waiting for that big-time offer. Tamburo, who carved up the Broncos for more than 300 total yards, has several offers on the table, but top programs are taking a wait-and-see approach on the 6-1, 185-pound lefty. Tamburo has offers from Tulsa, Air Force, Louisana-Monroe, Toledo and Bowling Green. North Gwinnett coach Bob Sphire is making them see now: Last week he sent out more than 450 highlight tapes to all levels of college football programs across the nation. “Regretfully recruiting season and visits to the schools by the colleges have not really gotten started yet, thus the urgency to send these out all across the country,” Sphire said. “However, I do that every year after our first two games so that all of our guys, not just Mikey, can get out there to [scouts] … so if they do want to come see them in person. “I think many were waiting to see where the top guys go and now that they are committing, several who have lost out will now turn to ‘Plan B’, which many have Mikey on their board. Hopefully, he will be another of those ‘Plan B’ guys who end up showing everyone he should have been a ‘Plan A’ guy, like the QBs at Kansas and Missouri last year.” “This is hopefully the lull before the storm…all the big guys offered in the winter and spring, and several have all offered the same guy, then when he decides to go to school X, then school Z now needs an answer.” Sphire has the ultimate faith in his senior quarterback, who is a member of the AJC’s The Georgia Top 150. “There is no question that over the past three years he raised the game of everyone around him. He’s 25-5 against great programs, and often with much less talent around him than the opposing QB.”

Profile: North Gwinnett QB Mike Tamburo

7:11 a.m. Monday, September 8, 2008

North Gwinnett quarterback Mike Tamburo, an AJC Georgia 150 selection, pushed the Bulldogs to a breakthrough year in 2007 and pushed himself into the consciousness of college recruiters. He is considering offers from several schools, including Air Force, Bowling Green, Toledo, Louisiana-Monroe and Tulsa. He talked to staff writer Jay Stone about being recruited. On what he looks for in a visit: “The campus itself. What kind of atmosphere; every school is different. What their academics are like. How big the football is; what conference they’re a part of.” On what school he’s always been a fan of: “My neighbor is a big Texas fan, and he kind of got me started on it when I was 6. I’ve got hats and shirts and stuff like that. It’s pretty funny because Texas Tech was close to offering me, and if they had offered me I would have committed.” On how much time the recruiting process is consuming: “In the offeseason it’s a lot more. I have a lot more of an idea of who’s interested. Every once in a while I make phone calls to the schools that have offered me and keep in touch. Right now, probably two hours a week. It was probably a half-hour a day in the offseason.” On the 2007 season: “Because we made it to the state championship [game] it was just how long a season could be. It’s more about how you finish the season than about how you start.” If he weren’t a football player he’d be: “Baseball player.” On the Olympics: “I’ve been keeping up with basketball a decent amount. I’ve watched the 100-meter [dash] and the marathon. That’s pretty cool. You just watch how they are and how much they love it and how dedicated they are.” On one thing that’s a deal breaker with a school recruiting him: “Maybe the type of offense. If they’re going to throw the ball eight times a game and not do much with the quarterback, I really wouldn’t want to go there.” On who was the first school to contact him: “Georgia sent the most letters early. My sophomore year I went to their camp and did really good. They showed the most interest early.” On how many college games he has been to: “I’ve gone to a good amount as a fan. Probably the best one I went to as a recruit was the Georgia-Auburn game. I’ve been to Auburn, Coastal Carolina, and I’ve been to Clemson.” On how well he knows the other recruits: “I’ve talked to [Georgia commit] Aaron Murray a couple of times. He’s pretty soft-spoken. [Georgia commit Zach ] Mettenberger … I’ve been around a good bit. He’s a pretty good guy.” On how a schools’ current depth chart factors in: “You try not to worry about it too much. You’re going to compete wherever you go. It’s nice when they’re older, because then you know you’ll have a chance to play a lot if you red-shirt. I’d actually prefer to red-shirt. It’s a chance to gain some weight and get some time in the offense.”

North Gwinnett QB Tamburo awaits South Carolina

12:15 p.m. Friday, August 22, 2008

North Gwinnett quarterback Michael Tamburo said he is a finalist for an offer from South Carolina. "If they offer me, I'm probably going to commit, " Tamburo said. Tamburo said he has been keeping in contact with South Carolina assistants David Reaves and Shane Beamer since attending camp last month. Tamburo said that South Carolina likely will sign only one quarterback this year, and he was one of three the Gamecocks are considering. The 6-foot-1, 185-pound Tamburo has offers from Tulsa, Toledo, Bowling Green, Air Force and Louisiana-Monroe. He is a member of the AJC's Georgia Top 150.

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