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Dyron Dye

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One of three elite prospects at Stanford Seminole, along with WR Andre Debose and ATH Ray Ray Armstrong. The trio has been offered scholarships as a "package deal" by numerous colleges.

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Explosive first step, sometimes so fast he is already on the way to the QB before his blocker even has time to get out of his stance. Great use of hands, if he's not trying to bat down passes while being blocked, he's rushing in to deflect punts or kicks. Very physical and makes bone-jarring hits in the trenches.


If it's a passing situation, Dye can be counted on for an all-out blitz. He can get away with it in high school because he has quick defenders backing him up. However, in college, his aggressive might be used against him. It will be interesting to see if this surreal athlete will have enough discipline to remain in his assigned area when called upon to do so.

Player Updates

UGA courts Florida trio with 'package deal; ' coach says they're NFL material

1:03 p.m. Friday, August 22, 2008

Georgia is one of many colleges offering a "package deal" to three teammates from Sanford, Fla. Defensive end Dyron Dye, wide receiver Andre Debose and all-around athlete Ray Ray Armstrong are being heavily recruited. Seminole High School coach Michael Cullison said he recently was contacted by several Georgia coaches about the threesome. "Georgia wants them to come to camp, or at least visit the campus, but I'm not sending them to any more [colleges] this summer, " Cullison said. "It's nothing against Georgia or any other college; they just don't need to take any more trips." Cullison said Georgia got a good look at the trio during the spring, when three assistants showed up on the same day to watch practice. How good are they? "I don't say this a lot, but all three of these kids could make it to the NFL, " Cullison said. "I've got two [former players] in the NFL right now, and these kids are just as good." Would all three consider signing with the same college as a package deal? "There's always a chance. They've played together since Pop Warner, " Cullison said. "But it's all going to come down to playing time. They want to go to schools where they can get on the field the fastest."

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