Georgia Names

How Georgians have named their kids

It hasn't been all Ashleys (13,075 since 1990) or Christophers (19,181) in Georgia. Parents have been very inventive in naming their children over the past 18 years. There are 147 Georgia girls named Chanel, 31 named Cinnamon, 1,435 named Diamond ... and just a half dozen boys named Bubba.

Check our database from state records to see how many others have chosen your favorite name. Check our names lists to see some of the more unusual names given to kids in the state. And try a few unusual names yourself to see if there are any Georgia kids who will respond to that moniker. Just type a name in our search box. Click it to see its popularity by year since 1990.

Showing 31-60 of 215,059.

RYAN Boy 7,874
ALEXIS Girl 7,734
JORDAN Boy 7,583
JASMINE Girl 7,494
ANTHONY Boy 7,470
LAUREN Girl 7,424
THOMAS Boy 7,227
CHARLES Boy 6,827
SAMUEL Boy 6,817
BENJAMIN Boy 6,771
CAMERON Boy 6,736
ANNA Girl 6,585
KEVIN Boy 6,300
ETHAN Boy 6,296
CALEB Boy 6,213
AMBER Girl 6,176
DYLAN Boy 6,071
SAMANTHA Girl 6,015
MORGAN Girl 6,008
VICTORIA Girl 5,962
MARY Girl 5,811
RACHEL Girl 5,794
MEGAN Girl 5,767
ABIGAIL Girl 5,507
TIMOTHY Boy 5,382
COURTNEY Girl 5,351
EMMA Girl 5,346
HUNTER Boy 5,343

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