Unusual Names in Georgia

Toyota? Philadelphia? Yep. Names in Georgia have ranged from trademarks and colors to places and occupations. A royal touch can add flair, and when one first name isn’t enough, a hyphen or two comes in handy. Check our lists of some of the more unusual names given to kids in the state.

Animals For parents who identify with the wild.
Cars For parents with a need for speed ... or status.
Cities For parents looking to commemorate that special place.
Colors For those who like a little color now and then -- we're talking Indigo and Fuchsia.
Countries For patriotic parents (yes, Eritrea made the list).
Days, Months, Seasons For lovers of April and Autumn, Spring and Summer.
Elements For parents who adore periodic charts.
Food and Drink For those who delight in Teriyaki and Tequila.
Georgia Cities Georgia really was on the minds of these parents
My list My test list tests teh awesomness
Occupations The best way to get your kid to be a doctor -- name him that.
Presidents The legacy lives on for Reagan, Carter, Truman and Taft.
States What better way to pay homage to your home state?
Trademarks Who said active marketing is dead? (Certainly not baby Exxon).
Diamonds Turns out they are more than a girl's best friend.
Kings For those parents already assured their child is destined for royalty.
Ladies Our records show at least 14 fair Ladies.
Lords Royalty or religion, you decide.
Princes No, we don't mean the symbol -- these names do have letters.
Princesses They really ARE Mommy's little Princess.
Queens No, we don't mean Elizabeth.
Hyphens: Girls What would the world be without your Anne-Maries and Mary-Graces?
Hyphens: Boys For parents who can’t pick just one first name.
Multiple Hyphens: Girls OK, so maybe two first names aren’t enough.
Multiple Hyphens: Boys From three letters, two hyphens to 20 letters and three hyphens, we have 'em.

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