Jimmy Carter, 39th U.S. President

About Jimmy Carter

James Earl Carter Jr., was born on Oct. 1, 1924, in Plains, Ga., near Americus. A former peanut farmer who served two terms as a Georgia state senator and one as governor, Carter was elected to the White House in 1976. Following his one term as president of the United States, he has spent his recent years pursuing peace and human rights, efforts that won him the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.

Carter's boyhood home
Tiny southwest Georgia hamlet of Plains an historic site.

• Photos: A tour of Carter's past
In the days after Carter ...

Carter's presidency
• In his own words: Carter recalls inauguration

The Energy Crisis
Camp David Accords
Iranian hostage crisis
Panama Canal treaties
• End of an era: Farewell address
• Opinion: Presidency withstood test of time

Carter's legacy
• Causes: Carter hammers away at low-income housing | Habitat for Humanity
• Mission: Working to solve world issues
Tributes to a president | The Carter Center

Nobel Peace Prize
Former president honored for 'untiring effort' on behalf of mankind. | Acceptance speech

Of note ...
"Killer rabbit" incident

A mean harmonica player | Video
Books by Jimmy Carter

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