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Jose Octavio Reyes 2007 compensation

In 2007, Jose Octavio Reyes earned $6,378,096 working for Coca-Cola Co. as President, Latin America Group.

How Jose Octavio Reyes’s salary breaks down

Base salary Bonus & non-equity incentives Stock & option grants All other
$568,842 $1,364,800 $3,899,920 $544,534

Total: $6,378,096

With $6,378,096, you could buy:

¾ personal jet* 33¼ houses* 85½ luxury SUVs*

Other years:

* Calculations based on the following estimates: $9,260,000 for a personal jet, $192,000 for the median price of a metro Atlanta home, $74,700 for a luxury SUV.

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